The Portals Of The Mind

Portals Of The Mind

The portals of the mind are frequencies rather than locations, as the mind exists outside the illusion of time and space. They are gateways to high vibrational energy where intelligence in the form of pure thought can be accessed. To enter these gateways of the inner self one must quiet the electrical wave patterns of the brain. The beta waking state, where the brain waves oscillate between 14 and 30 cycles per second is where the reflection of creation is solely concentrated on. The awareness of the inner world at this level is mostly filtered out.

Through focussing the conscious level towards the subconscious, the brain waves relax to the alpha state where they oscillate between 14 and 7 cycles per second.

As the brain quiets itself, the deeper regions become more recognizable.

The beta state is designed for the purpose to allow the characters in this creational game to focus on the outer reflection.

This is needed to create the illusion of the human being for learning and evolution.

The higher self that is positioned in the deep subconscious projects the reality.

The alpha region is a portal for information and creational abilities, as the inner thought processes can now be accessed.

At this level you can reprogram the subconscious as the beta filter can be easily bypassed.

While in this area it is important to be aware as to the information one is receiving as it can become embedded into the deeper levels of the mind.

The theta state where the brain waves oscillate between 7 and 4 cycles per second is an interface between the conscious and the unconscious deeper realms.

One will need to learn and master the techniques that teach you to remain positioned with awareness at the theta state.

The powerful draw of the delta region will easily pull the mind into the state of unconscious sleep.

At this level you can remote view the higher self and receive information pertaining to your creation.

The first level of delta is associated with the earth matrix and information involving global events can be remote viewed.

The deeper levels of delta are where you can access the higher intelligence.

Since the higher self is projecting the outer reality it knows in advance by decoding the information of the earth matrix what the lower self will experience.

Through remote viewing this process you will have access to a high degree of intuition.

Theta is the last stop for the individual self, any deeper and the illusion dissolves.

To bring your awareness into the deeper levels of the subconscious region, techniques for remote influencing in delta will be needed.

This is highly effective for manifestation as conscious thoughts in this state will automatically merge with high energy.

As the lower self connects with the higher self the lower part can then project its thoughts into its outer reflection.

When the conscious awareness has entered the delta portal, techniques that vibrate the light body can be applied to gain access to much higher realms.

You can then climb the ladder of ascension towards the core of the Adamic being. This is called the higher mind of Adam. At this level you can increase your vibrational energy towards the ascension to the One.

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