The Ascension Spiral

The Ascension Spiral

The ascension spiral, held within the potentiality of all sentient self-aware spheres of reality, is a presented choice within the energetic thought movements of the free will intention. The ability of the self-aware consciousness for vibrational movement within a consciousness field is fuelled through its interaction and reaction of the reality experience. The emotional attachment to objects of focus within the sphere of reality of the lower self will create the attraction through vibrational movement for intensity of experience. The higher vibratory energetic connection empowering its lower conscious extension into vibrational thought energy fields is for the purpose of thought evolution of the higher self through its lower conscious experiences. Higher conscious experiences can be achieved through the lower perspective by its reunification within its upper conscious reality. This requires vibrational sympathy with the higher self through the increased and sustained rate of energetic vibration of the lower self. The capability of the lower self to reunify within its higher energy body is reflected in the desire for reunification through the free will thought and intention. Through an intensely held emotional desire for the reunion into the higher perspective can the lower conscious through its desire, attached with belief, hold the ability for high intelligence thought field access. The unification within the higher energy body requires the de-energizing of held distorted energy contained within the energetic connection of the higher self. This is necessary to achieve vibrational compatibility for conscious participation within a higher vibrational operating thought intelligence field.

The desire of the higher self to descend into the lower vibrational physical planes of the current perception of the human experience, is an emotionally charged energetic movement within the higher perspective for collective resolution of desired focus.

Within the currently held collective perception this movement of desired experience through vibrational descent into the lower vibrational consciousness field, is espoused as the descent of Adam with in turn is perceived from the human perspective as the fall of mankind. This interpretation of collective vibrational descent into the lower dimensional realities for conscious experience can be observed with the foundation of spiritual teachings within the vast mosaic of the cultural collective perspective.

The descent of the Adamic being or collective consciousness field into the duality experience, through the human perspective, is a reflection of the ability and desire of the collective consciousness field, for desired collective reality experience through mass energy influence within the collective whole initiating and intensifying the desired influence.

The fall of mankind into the garden of good and evil or the duality consciousness, can be observed within the collective reality experience as individual and consensual reality situations themed within the dualistic approach.

The self-aware vibratory consciousness that has been presented into its awareness of multi-directional or conflicting intentional reference frames, which have been accepted within mass thought, to greater or lesser degrees, holds the free will ability for acceptance or refusal for entry into their belief system.

This action is dependent upon the degree of distorted energy contained within the higher self connection, which is reflective of the ability of proper discernment, towards attracted manifestations within the sphere of awareness. The continuation of held distorted energy is governed through the desire and intention of the reality experience within a lower vibrational thought field.

The desire for humanity to experience the duality consciousness within the low vibrational density of the physical plane, is created and amplified through the desire to experience the unknown, but has altered high vibrational energy into its negative energy format, through the collective influence of fear thought towards the perspective of the unknown.

The collective fear of the unknown can be observed within the collective reality reflection as individual and consensual attempts towards fear resolvement within the mechanics of the physical plane.

The fear of the unknown, an energetic vibrational by-product of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, positioned within low vibrational interacting consciousness fields, will require transcendence before entry into the ascension spiral is possible.

The ascension spiral although a constant within the free will application of the lower self, will require attraction into the lower conscious, through the held emotional desire for ascension and purity of ability. The attraction of the reality of the ascension spiral into the awareness is governed through the held perception of the lower self.

The perception of a lower conscious is the observational effect of a vibratory consciousness, influenced through the interaction and reflected observable reality within a consciousness field. For the lower self positioned within a low vibrational thought/energy field ,the attraction of the ascension spiral, will be observed within the held restrictions influencing the limiting factors into the perception of its observable reality.

The powerful vibrational influence of mass thought, within a collective vibrational energy field of self-aware sentient beings, through its collective interaction within an energy matrix supporting the self-awareness perspective, will require proper discernment to negate the mass thought influence upon the self-aware sentient being.

The desire for the removal of collected and established reference frames held within the belief system of the lower self, is formed through the realization of the ineffectiveness of held reference frames to enable effective resolution of conflicts affecting the lower conscious.

The desire for the removal of ineffective reference frames will generate through its reciprocal energetic effect the desire for the collection of effective reference frames, to allow the ability of proper resolution of internal conflicts, that are manifested into the reality sphere of the lower self.

The strongly held desire for perceptually foreign thought reference frame awareness, for potential integration, will generate the initial concentration of momentum required to fuel the expansion of consciousness. For the ascension of the lower self out of the duality experience, into higher intelligence thought consciousness fields, the desire for duality must be resolved.

The self-aware unit experiencing creation, through the self-perspective within a restricted awareness, temporarily resolves the subconscious desire for consciousness expansion, through the effect of the energetic polarization of the unresolved desire. The energetic polarization of consciousness expansion of the lower self into high intelligence thought fields is achieved through its energy inversion of the expansion of the ego into a greater influence within a consensual reality sphere.

The expansion of the ego sphere is the intention of the resolution of the fear of the unknown, through conscious attempts within its sensory observations of its waking reality. The fear of the unknown which has fuelled the ego expansion comes forth through the held perception of the lower self, as its position of observation to be the only tangible reality for experience.

This formation of accepted reality temporarily resolves the subconscious fear of the unknown, through the ability within the ego design to distract the lower conscious from proper resolution assistance. This is a safety mechanism within the ego consciousness to ensure a degree of participation within an interacting consciousness field. Through the desire held within the belief system of the lower self, the ego evolves into an artificial intelligence structure, and therefore strongly espouses survival instincts towards the influence of its sphere contraction.

The ego a temporal reality for the purpose of the observation of interacting thought realities through the perspective of separation, operates parallel with the degree of distortions held within the higher self energy connection. The ability of the ego perception to distract the lower self from thought/energy fields, that would create the opportunity for proper resolvement of the fear of the unknown, are through its innate ability to focus upon presented themes within its interacting consciousness field.

Through a constricted sphere of awareness the lower self must resolve conflicts within its mental processes through the perspective of the ego, which through its continued involvement and influence of separation, evolves the perception of the lower self into alignment within the ego perspective.

The fuel source for the expansion of the ego is the vibrational set design of its observer energy/focus of a sentient being. For the lower self intention of the ego expansion the initial movement into expansion from its set design of the observer role, comes forth through the desire held within the lower self.

The focus of sentient energy empowering another sentient life forms ego expansion, through their choice for focussed observation of the other sentient form, is through their own subconscious desire for ego expansion or its resolvement through an observable understanding.

Regardless of acceptance of the thought movement of the sentient being which desires ego expansion, which the lower self has chosen to concentrate focus upon, it has donated a portion of its vibrational energy to assist the expansion of the ego of the other sentient life form.

The disagreement of the thought movement of the lower self towards, the sentient life form who desires sentient focus from its collective reality, is generated through conflicting ego perspectives of the interacting sentient beings.

The conflicting perspectives of ego personalities is formed within the set design of the ego as an observation tool, as it experiences conflicts within its reality perception, through the observation of other ego intentions in conflict with its established reality perception.

The self-perspective observation of the ego operation within a self-aware consciousness generates the perception of separation and therefore its consequence of fear thought. The lower self operating within held restrictions will view the ego expansion, as an empowering mechanism to resolve the influence of fear thought and counteract the fear of the ego expansion of an external sentient being.

For the lower self desiring ego expansion within its reality, the observation of the ego expansion of another sentient being, will intensify and create continued involvement for the self-ability of ego expansion.

The expansion of the ego will coincide with the intensity of the sense of separation or through the human perspective, the feeling of loneliness which generates more of the desire for the collective focus of other sentient beings to temporarily resolve the sense of separation.

The sense of separation is created within the restricted awareness, which does not hold the ability to manifest its higher energy connection, which fuels the ego into artificial intelligence reference frame collection for resolvement attempts of the fear of separation.

The distorted held energy fuelling the ego expansion will require its entry into the transformational process of the higher energy connection, to transform held distorted negative energy into its high vibrational positive state. This is required to emotionally de-energize negative energy influence attached to restricted awareness sourced reference frames held within the belief system of the lower self.

The ability for access into the ascension spiral requires the lower conscious to resolve the desire for dualistic themes within situations presented into the individual reality sphere. The purpose of the lessons of the human experience within the consciousness of duality, will be achieved at a personable level through their contemplation and effective resolution.

The loss of the desire for duality and the energetic amplification of the desire for a better reality experience apart from dualism, will create the opportunity for the vibrational movement towards the ascension spiral.

The ascension spiral appears within the individual reality through the vibrational ascent of the lower self towards its higher self. For entry into the portal of the ascension spiral the lower self will require the reunification within the higher energy body of its higher self.

This aligned perspective creates the ability of conscious discernment from high intelligence thought field access for proper intuition. The surfacing into the awareness of the lower conscious of the realization of successful entry into the ascension spiral can be observed within their waking reality. Its observation is within the constant progression towards the manifestations of higher thought reality experiences, attraction of high vibrational sentient beings in human embodiment and non-physical high intelligence communication for the ability of pure intuition.

This is the upwards expansive vibrational movement within the ascension spiral towards higher intelligence reality experiences, through high intelligence thought/energy field accessibility. The upward movement within the ascension spiral will coincide with the sense of expansion of the sphere of awareness of the lower self and its associative mode of perception.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the lower self into a strengthened connection and un-distorted communication towards its higher self, are valuable and effective for the preparation required for the opportunity for entry into the ascension spiral.

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