Ascension And The Living Christ

Ascension And The Living Christ

For ascension to occur within the individual reality sphere of the lower self towards its higher self the alignment within the creational expansive light of the Living Christ will have to be achieved. The living light energy commonly referred to as the Christ Consciousness or in various cultures under many different names. The reason for multiple interpretations within various cultures is through the effect of the attraction of this high vibrational living energy into manifestation within any biological embodiment holding the ability of sentient connection or high vibrational pathway access. This is dependent upon acceptance and allowance of the individual. It cannot be incorporated within the being of the lower conscious without its proper understanding. The proper understanding through its intuitive realization must come forth internally and attracted into the awareness of the lower self through the magnetic effect of the desire cause. The energetic distortions projected onto the Christ consciousness through misconceptions are created within restrictions of perception and influenced through held misconceptions within the belief system. Held distorted energy within the lower self embodiment is an established by-product of the formation of the lower conscious as it enters into the current perception of the duality consciousness within the physical plane. Initial distorted energy is an established by-product of duality consciousness participation as it is uncommon or rare for a higher self to embody within the earth plane fully operational through its lower self.

The higher self soul energy can be observed within the infant/child stage of development. Its sensing comes forth through the energy of the innocence and unconditional love experienced between the union of the mother/father/child aspect or within variations of the parental guardian aspect. This state of vibrational energy flows within the unconditional love higher perspective of the consciousness of The Living Christ. The unconditional energetic love flows through the stillness and peace which operate outside of time and space, a pure representation can be observed within the higher self connection, which forms unity through the desire for the experience of unconditional love. When the unconditional love perspective can manifest within the mass consciousness thought/energy field as common as observed as in the infant/parent role, the ascension of the global sphere of awareness could be achieved.

The higher self can only manifest within the lower body through the lower selves connection to its higher self. The higher self connection can only become established through the desire for reconnection from the lower self.

The desire for a higher understanding and perspective is the initial energetic movement of ascension of the lower self towards its higher self. The higher self embodiment within the initial stages of the child birth will remain present within the physical plane dependent upon the held perception within the mother/father/parental guardian connection towards the child and the degree and tone of external influence.

Within the low vibrational operational frequency of the physical plane, the influence of fear established within the duality consciousness projected from the mother/father/parental guardian aspect, quickly hides the higher self presence through the layering of emotional fear upon the perception of the child.

Taught fear forces the child through its inability to reject external influence into the concept of self-preservation. This in turn through its continuous development, fuelled through its attempts for the resolvement of fear, develops the learned activity of survival behavior.

The child in most cases within its life time never re-establishes an awareness of its connection towards its higher self and negates its opportunity for ascension. This is what is meant by the words you can only enter through the gates of heaven through the innocence of the child. The innocence and purity of the child is the essence of the higher self as the higher self is the essence of The Living Christ.

The essence of The Living Christ is a state of heightened and expanded consciousness flowing within the creational expansive unified energies of the creational intent of the One. It operates apart from the fear of separation established within the duality consciousness and the heavy and constant influence of the collective fear projected out from the mass consciousness thought/energy field.

The collective perception of The Living Christ has become severely distorted within the collective influence of the victim/aggressor consciousness. Established structures within the physical plane operating within an imbalanced energetic movement are caused through the effect of heavy focus upon materialism and held distorted beliefs projected upon the spiritual realm.

These imbalances created through the restricted consciousness are the perceived barriers in which the lower self must transcend for the movement of ascension. Religious, spiritual and similar themed thought structures formed through the desire for achievement through separation focus will not allow the manifestation of The Living Christ within selected physical embodiments nor within the energy body of the consensual perception within the participating grouping.

The inability to accept the higher vibrational energies void of distortions is formed through the unawareness of restrictions held within the belief system which creates restrictions towards ascension within the individual reality sphere.

Without the energetic movement into conscious/perception expansion the individual or grouping will not hold the high intelligence attribute of proper discernment involving thought interaction and contemplation.

The inability of high intelligence discernment or what can be associated with high intelligence intuition creates vulnerability within the individual or grouping. The inability to detect distorted energy influence holds the potential for manipulation within the individual and collective thought/focus.

The individual or associative collection within the duration of the human experience will encounter many external influences which through acceptance and allowance alter the initial base line perception. The individual operating within the collective whole influences the collective as the collective in turn influences the individual.

The lower self operating within a limited perception through various held misconceptions must expand perception in order to realize its limitations within its currently held operational mode of perception.

Without the internal desire of the lower self to remove negative thoughts and impressed beliefs for a better reality experience the lower self will hold a high probability of continuation within the distorted perception.

The continuation of interaction with external stimuli within the individual reality sphere will create further impressed evolution of distortions which in turn further distorts the lower selves perception through the establishment of concreteness within the belief system.

The lowering of the rate of vibrational energy of the lower self coincides with the continuation of a restricted perception through further improper reference collection and its recombination effect for the purpose of compatibility and integration for available employment.

The accumulation of distorted energies viewed as beliefs through the human experience create energetic barriers towards the awareness of the higher self and the ability of The Living Christ to manifest its high vibrational energy into the lower self and into its biological embodiment.

The accumulation of distorted energy creating barriers towards the higher vibrational energy connection can be alikened to a window in which the creative expansive pure light of the higher self soul energy shines through the window, which can be associated with the belief system, into the lower self. This activity can be observed through the eyes of the human being as a witness to the presence of the higher self within the physical plane.

The greater the accumulation of distortions held as misconceptions within the belief system the greater the staining or coloring of the window.

An inversion is created through the degree of stain upon the window as it acts as a filter for the light of the soul energy to shine through the window into the awareness of the lower self and into the physical embodiment.

The degree of light allowed to shine through the window is associative of the degree of connection of the lower self through its operational consciousness towards its higher self.

In order for the high vibrational light of the higher self to manifest within the lower self the metaphorical window must achieve two decisive and associative actions for proper cleansing. The two actions involve the removal of the current accumulation of staining and the unacceptance of further staining through the desire for clarification and purification. The cleansing action or purification is required for the ascension of the lower self towards its higher self.

Without an effective cleansing of the window between the lower self and its higher self the proper understanding of The Living Christ and its role in the ascension process will remain buried within misconceptions.

The heavy influence of religious factions focusing upon the physical embodiment of The Living Christ within a selection of a particular human body or what is referred to as Jesus Christ is a powerful influence upon the collective perception involving the reality of The Living Christ.

Religious factions heavily focussed upon materialism with limited association towards the non-physical spiritual realms create restrictions within the belief system. This therefore generates the perception of separation between the soul and the active creational arm of the One which creates perceptual barriers towards ascension attempts.

The pursuant of collective unconditional love, which requires incorporation into the awareness of the lower self for ascension, is the energetic movement of The Living Christ. The limited perception involving The Living Christ in which it can only embody within selections influenced through external thought focus apart from the lower self creates the inability of the lower self to house the living energy. The desire to become One with the Christ Consciousness will generate the emotional energy required for expansion of perception and consciousness.

The Living Christ cannot be contained within static forms of thought and their structures nor in a permanent established understanding as this energetic force flows within the expansive creational energies that form universes through pure thought creation. The proper understanding of The Living Christ must come forth through the desire for unity and unconditional love towards all of creation. This is what is meant when The Living Christ spoke through the physical embodiment of Jesus Christ when he said The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You.

The desire for purity espoused within The Christ Consciousness and its allowance to flow through the lower self the experience of potential heaven can be established within the individual reality. The collective acceptance of The Christ Consciousness can create the experience of collective heaven upon the earth matrix for manifestation within the physical plane.

The collective experience of heaven on earth involves the ascension of the collective reality sphere of the planetary awareness into a high vibrational level of consciousness. The physical dimensions of the earth are still present but perceived through the perspective of existence within a high vibrational dimension espoused through a higher vibrational earth matrix.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques aligned within the energetic movement of The Living Christ will enable the lower self to strengthen its connection to its higher self through awareness of its connection and the formation of the desire for communication towards its higher self.

This is required to cleanse the window between the higher self and its lower self which in turn prepares the lower self for the manifestation of The Living Christ within the energy body of the lower self. This will allow the assistance required for the ascension of the individual and therefore the collective for the purpose of global ascension into a higher vibrational matrix for the human experience of heaven on earth.

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