Remote Influencing And The Physical Plane

Remote Influencing And The Physical Plane

In regards to remote influencing thought/intention through vibrational light/energy into physical plane manifestation, most activities fall into two general approaches for access into the energetic sequence of the reality cycle. These access points will either be approached within the physical plane or through non-physical thought connectivity. A combination of both dimensional perspectives is always present and can be observed within the duality effect of light particles. The focus upon direct physical plane activities or the focus upon non-physical segments within the sequence of the reality cycle will govern the strength of each presence. Within the interconnectivity of the collective thought/energy field, the mass thought focus of mass consciousness, operational within the collective whole, governs subtlety the collective consciousness of humanity into the individual reality sphere. The powerful force of its magnetic attraction properties, through mass focussed thought/energy, heavily influences themes and manifestations for sensory observation within the physical plane of reality.

The reinforcing mechanism of mass thought impression is readily presented for observation and potential integration within the individual and consensual spheres of awareness. The conjugated effect of the recombinational effort of, accepted data from the mass thought impression influence, for compatibility into the individual and therefore collective realities, further evolves the general concepts within its progression of direction.

The recombination attempt for compatibility and integration into the belief system of presented external thought is dependent upon the thought/reaction/contemplation process of the observer and its individual influence on its consensual reality.

The individual or consensual reality spheres operating within a restricted awareness, in regards to the remote influencing of non-physical potentialities, searches within the physical plane to satisfy its appetite for co-creational contributions which reflect its conscious desires. The subconscious desire for creative contribution drives the lower conscious into constant attempts for conscious influence.

The differential movements of intention between the lower conscious and its subconscious mental processes, will generate greater or lesser degrees of the perception of anxiety within the awareness of the lower self.

The subconscious desire towards the lower conscious for access of co-creational abilities for employment within the physical plane is influenced through the higher selves’ energy connection to its lower conscious extension. The strength of connectivity within the higher energy connection and the thought/intention of the lower conscious will govern the position of influence either consciously or subconsciously.

The desire for involvement and contribution within the physical plane is the creational, expansive energies of the higher self fuelling the movement of the lower conscious into the human experience. The lower self operating within a restricted awareness of its higher self sets forth into the human experience with the subconscious desire for remembering or reconnection generating its momentum to experience creation.

The high vibrational energetic influence of the higher self upon its lower conscious extension is the connectivity of thought which subconsciously impresses upon the lower conscious. The perceptually distant familiarity or remembering of its position of perspective before entry into the separational effect of the duality consciousness is carried through the human experience of the lower self as personal interpretations of the fear of the unknown.

For the ability of the lower self to consciously participate within the experience of separation within the duality consciousness, the lower conscious must operate within vibrational compatibility with its interacting consciousness field to establish sympathetic resonance within allowance of the consciousness fields’ vibrational spectrum.

The vibrational compatibility is required for the lowering effect of awareness to initiate participation and continued experience. The effect of the sympathetic resonance desire creates the sense of believability of the reality experience and the plausibility of dualistic themes within scenarios presented into the awareness of the lower conscious.

The allowance within the vibrational spectrum of an interacting consciousness field gives the lower self a degree of flexibility for vibrational thought movement within the consciousness field and can be observed within the physical plane as the remote influencing ability of free will.

The ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness to operate above and below the vibrational allowance, of a set designed vibrational spectrum of an interacting consciousness energy field, is the innate ability of vibrational ascension or the vibrational descent into the lower dimensional planes. These energetic movements are dependent upon, the free will choice of a self-aware vibratory consciousness, and the degree of external influence affecting the self-aware units’ ability to choose freely through the externals’ influence ability to generate the perception of limitations.

The ability of the duality consciousness to influence the self-aware vibratory consciousness into constant participation through the human reality, is through its ability to subconsciously remote influence the belief system of the self-aware unit. This movement of thought/intention within the set design of the duality consciousness, is easily achieved as the lower self is in a degree of vibrational sympathy, with the interacting consciousness field, in order for the ability of creational experience within the interacting consciousness field.

The perceptually held advantage of the duality consciousness for remote influencing the lower self into seemingly forced participation, is dependent upon the degree of restrictions held within the lower conscious, and its desire for the continued duality experience.

For the lower self operating within a similar vibrational energetic rate of the interacting consciousness field, its participation will coincide with a sense of familiarity, which is generated through its revised or personalized collection of reference frames impressed with the belief system of the lower self. This sense of familiarity creates complacency or passiveness, within the lower conscious and forms energetic barriers against the inflow of its creational expansive energies, required for conscious remote influencing within the physical plane.

The sense of familiarity is the subconscious desire for the relief of the fear of the unknown which is created through the formation of the restricted awareness. The temporary resolvement of the fear of the unknown, through thought connectivity with reference frames within the belief system to invoke complacency, is a subconscious attempt by the lower self to block the creational energies. What the lower self observes with its waking reality is the misuse of its creational abilities, as it is unknowingly projecting undesirable experiences, through the effect of automation created through, the unawareness of the lower self, of its innate remote influencing abilities.

Through the subconscious desire for fear resolvement the lower restricted awareness is driven into participation within the physical plane, in an attempt through its restricted awareness to resolve its fear of separation which is generating the perceptual effect of limitations.

This movement for resolvement creates the ability of the interacting consciousness field to hold influential advantage over the participating self-aware vibratory consciousness. The strong emotionally held desire of the lower self, for fear resolvement generates the motivation for the acceptance and allowance, of dualistic themed reference frames into the belief system.

The desire opens the lower conscious to collect and integrate dualistic themes and perspectives heavily espoused within the mass consciousness thought/energy field, in an attempt to remain positioned and in alignment with the energetic movement of mass thought. The attempt for sustained position and alignment within the mass thought movement, is an subconscious attempt for the resolvement of the fear of separation, surfacing into the awareness of the lower self and acted upon through the restricted lower conscious.

The desire for continued involvement within the duality consciousness, in an attempt of fear resolvement through a dualistic perspective, will create degrees of severity within the cognitive mental state of the lower conscious.

The degree of severity will coincide with the desire for fear resolvement through its, perception of necessity to hold compatibility via vibrational positioning within the mass thought movement, while simultaneously attempting limited movement within alterations of its previously collected and established reference frames.

The degree of alterations within established reference frames in the attempt of compatibility with mass thought influence, will be reflected as collected energetic distortions creating resistance within the higher self energy connection, and can be sensed consciously as degrees of anxiety or the mental state of cognitive dissonance.

Cognitive dissonance held within the subconscious area affecting the mental awareness of the lower self is an automatic effect of participation within a restricted low vibrational consciousness energy field.

The differential rates of vibrational energy and reactionary thought directions between the higher self and its restricted lower conscious is the initial cause of the cognitive dissonance effect experienced subconsciously and consciously through the restricted awareness. The initial cause of the mental experience of the perception of cognitive dissonance, is created by the higher selves’ entry into the lower vibrational operating consciousness thought field, which can be observed within the physical plane as human conception or the formation of the lower self.

The high vibrational soul energy portion, involved in the powering into animation of the themes and scenarios presented for observation within the duality consciousness, creates simultaneously the formation of the lower conscious within the energetic unification of the human housing.

The lower self operating within the energetically restricted lower conscious, through its human perspective, is positioned within a frequency point in which free will and the thought/desire/intention process influences movement.

The lack of ability of the lower self to consciously direct its rates of vibrational energy, through the perception of un-awareness and seemingly automated reactionary thought, will generate dormancy within its co-creational ability for remote influencing thought into physical plane reality.

The sense of automation within the reactionary thought of the lower conscious, is through its inability to recognize the influence of limiting factors, coming forth through the operational duality consciousness. The inability to recognize the source of influence as a negative energy, is a generated illusion coming forth through the action of sympathetic resonance, which creates the feeling of rapport with the interacting point of thought.

The lower self is constantly and subconsciously remote influencing its reality, as the higher self is projecting high vibrational light/energy through the impression stage of the belief system of the lower self, onto the creational energy matrix to be observed through the light reflection into its sphere of awareness. It is often conducting this activity through unawareness of the process as the proper understanding of the true nature of the reality sequence, is heavily veiled in distortions through the held distortions of the collective consciousness, projecting distorted beliefs upon the proper higher knowledge.

This process involves the degree of plasticity of the observational effect of the observer through the thought/reaction/contemplation mental process of the lower self. The internal conflict within the belief system of the lower self, through greater or lesser degrees of influence by its higher self and the created anxiety of incompatible reference frames presented within mass thought/focus, will further progress the severity of cognitive dissonance within the lower conscious.

Continued participation within fear based polarized themes within the duality consciousness, will further create challenges for the established stability of the belief system of the lower self.

The lower selves desire for familiarity within mass thoughts progression of directional movement, will generate further the collection of themed tension, as an effect of differential concepts contained within a one directional thought intention, which can be observed within the collection of these differential reference frames.

The lower selves’ ability of illusionary resolution, through its recombination effort to achieve compatibility through imposing categories upon collected and integrated reference frames, by their value in contrast to the value of stabilized and established reference frames operational within the lower conscious, will heavily influence the severity of cognitive dissonance.

The held mental state of cognitive dissonance, without proper resolution capabilities, will be reflected within the lower selves’ sphere of awareness, as differential or dualistic thought/belief manifestations of themes presented within individual or consensual reality scenarios. The lower selves’ degree of acceptance and integration of differential reference frames, will coincide with the progression of severity, of the mental state of cognitive dissonance within the lower conscious.

For proper resolution of differential reference frames that have been collected and established within its belief system, creating the progression of cognitive dissonance, the loss of the desire to experience dualistic themes within the individual reality sphere will require manifestation within the lower awareness.

The loss of desire to experience dualism is most often created through, the strengthening of desire to experience reality apart from the dualistic approach, in which the subconscious desire for conscious expansion has surfaced into the awareness of the lower conscious.

The desire for the expansion of consciousness held within the belief system of the lower self, is a powerful remote influencing agent for the attraction of high intelligence assistance, to expand the lower conscious into the accessibility of high intelligence thought interaction.

Without the ability of the lower self to attract high intelligence thought into its awareness, the lower self must navigate through, negatively influenced resolution applications, within the same thought/energy field which has created and developed the internal conflicts held within the belief system of the lower conscious.

The second general approach for remote influencing thought/desire into physical plane manifestation involves the positioning of the lower conscious into the subconscious and unconscious mental states of the lower self.

The positioning of awareness into the impression stage of the belief system offers a powerful remote influencing opportunity for the lower self to correct the source of un-desirable physical plane manifestations. This in turn for proper correction, would require the ability of the lower self to employ its innate co-creational capabilities, to establish desired potentials into embedded impressions for the effect of remote influencing desirable physical plane manifestations.

The ability to increase and sustain rates of vibration, which is required to fuel the self-aware vibratory consciousness into new plateaus of desired manifested experience, are the basic mechanics involved in the powering of the ascension process.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual to consciously participate within their own mental states, are valuable and highly effective for powerfully remote influencing desired thought/intention into manifestation within the physical plane.

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