Ascension And The Self

Ascension And The Self

The ascension of the self as an individual expression of thought, within the collection of sentient beings in which it is a member of, into a higher vibrational seat of perspective is the underlining intention of the higher self towards its lower conscious. The higher conscious within its expanded sphere of awareness holds the ability for communication with its lower conscious as its holds the awareness of its lower extension throughout its human experience. The human experience of the lower conscious is within the sphere of awareness of the upper or higher conscious, as the higher energy connection remains intact for the ability of the lower sphere of reality to hold the perception of existence. The lower vibrational seat of perspective of the human reality guides the thought activity of the lower conscious within its human experience. The human perspective is generated through the sensory connection of the lower energy body into the sensory pathway of the human body.

The sensory pathway or awareness of a point of thought within its infinite forms, through its detection or location and identification attempt, is processed through the individual perception which is influenced consensually and ultimately collectively. The energetic/sensory pathway is within the connection of the originating energy source of which, the lower conscious is energetically connected to, as its formation is the effect of the cause of the energetic participation of the higher self within a thought/intelligence field.

The energetic vibrational by-product is the perception of the existence of a reality through the observation of a reality, within a different vibrational position than the center seat of perspective before initiation into the thought/intelligence field. The ability of the higher self to hold awareness simultaneously within a lower vibrational seat of perspective and its center seat higher perspective, is through its vibrational position within its energy connection powering the lower conscious into reality participation.

The high vibrational seat of perspective is associative with the expansion of awareness and ascension, which entails the enhancement of perception through high intelligence thought access. The ability of the lower conscious through the free will intention for vibrational movements within the allowance of the human spectrum, is the vibrational ascension into the upper realities of the collective reality sphere and the vibrational descent into the positions of the lower vibrational thought/reality experiences.

For the opportunity of entry and participation within a thought/reality experience, operating in a vibratory rate outside of the vibrational allowance of the human spectrum, a reconfiguration of the biochemical structure within the human body for vibrational compatibility will have to be achieved. Within the lower vibrational rates of the human spectrum an increase or amplification of negative thought/energy influence is in relation to the vibrational position of the lower conscious within its vibrational descent.

The influence of low vibrational negative energy is automatic within the lower seats of perspective, as the desire or decision of the lower self for the participation within a reality experience themed within the desired experience, has through the energetic movement of the desire created a vibrational sympathy with the desired perspective of reality. The energetic action of vibrational sympathy is initiated within the conscious activities of the lower self and influenced subconsciously through the belief system of the lower self into its active format of perception.

The ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness for the attraction of a desired or decisive intention into its reality sphere is through its innate creational power for remote influencing its reality. The ability of the lower conscious for remote influencing its reality experience is through its vibrational position within the reality feedback loop. The reality feedback loop is an energetic flow of light/thought data created through the infusion of high vibrational energy set in motion through the entry and participation of the higher self, into a thought/energy consciousness field for the experience of creative expression.

The allowance of movement within a conscious field is the purpose of creation as it allows the individual to evolve self thought, through the cause and effect mechanism initiated through the thought/focus of sentient energy. This action is fuelled into individual creative expression through the motion of intention. The purpose for the creation of a self-aware vibratory consciousness is for the experience of reality through the perspective of the self.

The self or individual observes its reality from the perspective of the human body as separate in form and movement from its observable environment. Within the theme of separation supported by the intelligence structure of the interacting consciousness field for the generated perception of separation, the individual observes its existence through the perception of separation as a continual expression within its reality. Within the observable reality of separation the lower conscious becomes saturated in the influence of separation, its concreteness is easily established through its acceptability within the belief system of the lower seat of perspective.

The acceptability of the influence of separation is through its continuous observation within the waking reality of the individual, which is consensually and collectively influenced, through the relative experience of the collective participation within a reality experience. The observation of separation within the lower perspective can entail its perception as positive motion, negative motion or as degrees of neutrality. The impression or sense generated within the perception of the lower conscious of the observation and influence of the theme of separation, is regulated or governed by the depth of impression of the thought/experience of separation and its energetic movement into the emotional energy body.

The formation of the self-aware vibratory consciousness is an energetic movement of unification through the attraction of differential movements of intentions. The unification of the differential movements of expansion and contraction generate the perception of existence through the direction of contraction generating a dimensional effect of reflected light, projected onto its low dense energy format from the housed creational light/thought intention of the self-aware consciousness. The housed creational light/thought intention holds the ability of movement within the energy sphere to initiate and continue support of the expansive creational energy of thought, desire and intention.

The unification of differential movements of intentional direction generates an inversion of unification through its creational product of the separations observed within the waking reality as self-awareness. The creative act of self-expression formed through the oppositional movements, is required for the ability of self-awareness which flows within the movement of the perception of separation. The perception of observable separation is through the light reflection of oppositional movements of creational energy into the sphere of awareness of the lower self.

The oppositional energy movements of expansion and contraction are expressed within the movements of the individual as vibrational ascension or vibrational descent. The sensory perception of differential movements of vibrational direction within the thought/focus/intention of an individual are expressed within the conscious reality as contrasts and observed through its impression onto the individual perception.

The differential movements of intention or contrast which is observed within the reality of an individual, anchors establishment and further evolves through continued involvement the perception of concreteness, which is relative to the depth of impression of the sense of separation within the belief system of the individual. The sense of separation generated through the observation of contrast within the reality sphere, is expressed within the thought interactions and reactions of the individual towards its perception of an external reality.

The expressions of separation manifested into the lower conscious are integrated into the perception and espoused through the individual through its detection and identification of directional movement. A perspective generated through the subconscious urgency for the detection of contrast or separation, enables the lower conscious to easily detect the contrasts of movement within its conscious reality. A perspective geared for the detection of contrasts in movement through a subconscious anxiety, will become hyper focussed upon its observable external reality. This conscious activity is for the resolvement of the subconscious anxiety, through the conscious attempt of its understanding and acceptance of separation.

The subconscious anxiety is created through the separational effect of the formation of the lower conscious and its inability through its operational restricted awareness, for the detection of the source of anxiety, which is the inability to become aware of its higher self whom has fuelled its existence into reality.

The sense of necessity of the individual to operate within a perspective focussed towards the detection and observation of contrasts in movement, is formed within the subconscious of an individual and attracted into the conscious reality. The subconscious signal for attraction into the conscious reality is dependent upon the energetic emotional response, which generates and governs the intensity or amplification of the signal.

The subconscious formation of the belief in the importance of the detection and identification of differential directions in movement within its external environment, is established upon entry into a consciousness field espousing the theme of separation within its vibrational operations. The degree of separation sensed and experienced within the reality sphere of an individual, coincides with its vibrational position and the influence upon its perception through its availability for influence, through the vibrational compatibility of the individual within its vibrational seat of perspective.

The movement into a desired vibrational seat of perspective is attracted into the awareness of an individual, which is simultaneously confirmed as the successful movement into the desired vibrational seat of perspective, through its awareness into reality. The influence of separation through a vibrational position of compatibility, with a thought/energy consciousness field themed in separation, is intensified through the interconnectivity of separated thought perspectives. This is in regards to the energy influence of the combination of individual thought intentions, within movement through the energy channels of a supporting matrix of a thought/energy consciousness field.

The energy matrix of a thought/energy consciousness field is the co-ordinated energetic pathways, which allow the movement of thought/energy into the opportunity for awareness of the individual for the evolution of self thought. This is achieved through the influence of contrast within the observation of differential movements of self-thought expression of the collection of individuals, which comprise of the whole of the participating consciousness being.

The observation of differential movements within the collective sphere of awareness, integrated into the individual perception as degrees of influence, are further identified into degrees of positivity and negativity. The degrees of positivity and negativity are in relation to the individuals’ reaction towards its observation of differential movements in contrast to the directional movements of the observer. The individuals’ reaction of the observation of contrast or detection of differential movements, is dependent upon its emotional attachment to its perception of the sense of separation, which is commonly expressed within the vibrational energetic location of the emotional spectrum as fear.

The emotional attachment,through the sensory observation of external differential movements in which the emotion of fear is expressed, is intensified in relation to the severity/reaction of contrast within the comparison of the external observation with its self-observation. The action of comparison within a constant conscious expression is espoused through the subconscious impression of the fear of the unknown. This is an expression of the thought development of the sense of separation influenced through the formation of the self. The thought development of the sense of separation is dependent upon, the vibrational positioning of the seat of perspective, which coincides with its vibrational emotional attachment.

The desire of the individual for the expansion of perception into thought fields operating outside the current sphere of awareness is the energetic potential of movement into vibrational ascension. The individual operating within an expanded awareness and coinciding enhancement of perception in regards to its, set design position within the automation of a reality experience of a consciousness field, generates a lowering effect to its emotional attachment of the sense of fear. The lowering effect is generated through the individuals’ relocation of its seat of perspective into a higher vibrational position.

The higher vibrational position for reality observation involves its seat relocated in perspective to allow the awareness of its higher self, through its higher vibrational positioning, which places the lower self within degrees of vibrational compatibility with its higher self. From this held position the lower self through its integration of the higher perspective, can observe the interconnectivity of energies supporting its observable reality. This vibrational position of perspective allows the lower self the ability to properly understand the purpose of the unification of differential movements to support the existence of self-awareness.

The desire of the higher self for the reality experience through the human perspective, flows within the movement of creational intention and its ability to express its intention within the creational support of the unification of differential movements of energies. The collective experiences of self-awareness within its movements towards separation and towards unification, compose a composite of thought activities and conclusions or beliefs which collectively evolve the movement of self-thought. The experience of contrast within the perception of self-awareness and its external influence of consensual and collective self-thought activities, hold the opportunity to generate the desire for the ascension of the self. The desire is formed within the thought interaction/reaction/contemplation process of the perception/sensory vehicle for thought focus and observation. The experience of contrast through the separational effect of the formation of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, can generate a mental landmark for the desired movement of intention of the individual into a different seat of perspective.

Through the observation of contrast within its waking reality the lower self holds the ability to understand the location of vibrational position within the themed perspective of the separational effect of the observation of contrasts through a restricted perception. The desire of the individual for a contrast in vibrational perspective apart from the low vibrational position, which espouses the fear of separation is surfaced into the conscious awareness from the subconscious area of the mind, which is influencing the conscious reality into a resolvement attempt through perspective relocation.

The ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness for the attraction of a desired focus into the awareness for the opportunity for interaction flows within the allowance of free thought and its active expression of free will. For the ascension of the self to initiate its movement into vibrational ascent, the formation of the desire for the ascension of the self into a higher vibrational thought/reality experience, must manifest and hold emotional value within the heart intelligence.

The ascension of the self through its alignment within the high vibrational energy of the higher conscience, which is an expression of the heart intelligence, generates the emotional fuel required for the momentum into vibrational ascension of the self into a high intelligence seat of perspective. The ability of the individual to position its emotional body in alignment with the movements of the heart intelligence is dependent upon the degree or severity of the negative influence within the emotional body, restricting the expansion of the emotional body into the expansive flow of the movements of the heart intelligence.

The attachment of the fear of separation into an impression within the emotional body of the individual is through its acceptance and allowance within the thought movements of the individual perception/awareness. The desire to expand in awareness of the heart intelligence and to seat the individual perspective within its high vibrational position, allows the individual the ability of high intelligence discernment towards the influence of the theme of fear, expressed within the sense of separation.

The ability to form a contrast to separation requires the relocation of the seat of perspective into a vibrational operation above the vibrational rate of the consciousness of separation. Through this held perspective the emotion of fear generated through the sense of separation becomes distant, as the influence of unity within the movements of the heart intelligence via its refraction of light upon the consciousness of separation negates its influence through its perspective within its high vibrational position, as illogical or through the perception of non-reality.

For the ascension of self to occur the desire for the entry into the portal of the heart intelligence and into the consciousness of unity must be present and active. The desire for unity and its associative positive themes within the individual reality sphere, will generate the magnetic attraction of the desired themes into manifestation.

The position of vibrational ascension of the self can be observed within the physical plane as a progression towards positive themes and influences within the human reality experience. The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into the movement of vibrational ascension are highly effective, for the entry into the portal of the heart intelligence for the successful attempt of self ascension.

The ascension of the self into a higher vibrational seat of perspective is in proper movement of intention for the opportunity of consensual and collective ascension. This is achieved through the high vibrational influence of the position of the perspective of the individual, as an example for contrast of different rates of vibrational position within the individuals’ consensual reality. The ascension of the self is therefore the service of unconditional love as the ascension of the self creates a reference frame for the opportunity of consensual and collective ascension.

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