Remote Viewing Angels

Remote Viewing Angels

For the ability of remote viewing Angels, positioned within the heights of their vibrational existence, the desire for such of reality experience is required to fuel the intention into manifestation. The energetic source of the reality experience of Angelic encounters, are within the expansive creational flow of the first movement or first creational act. The logos are within the heights of the first creational act as a supporting energetic current in which the seats of perspective of a high vibrational existence are positioned. The first movement or logos, fuel the Angelic movement of energies into the high vibrational energetic flow of creational evolution. Through this high vibrational perspective the Angelic movement flows into the consciousness of humanity, for the opportunity of ascension of the lower self through the marriage of actions of high vibrational assistance and the free will action of the lower conscious. The observation of the presence of Angelic beings, void of the conscious desire, is initiated within the subconscious of an individual and attracted into the awareness of the lower self through the subconscious desire fueling the movement of awareness into a position for the observation of an Angelic encounter. The subconscious desire involves the individual belief system which is expressed with the perception and is reflected within the constant vibrational rate of the lower energy bodies, which coincide with subconscious resolvement attempts expressed within the waking reality. The desire for communication with beings operating within an operational vibratory rate higher than the operational rate of the observer is seeded into the subconscious of the lower conscious through the thought/influence of the lower extensions’ higher self. The desire of the higher self, for the reunification of the upper and lower energies which have become seeded into the belief system of an individual, move into the consciousness for the opportunity of a desirable application.

The desire for unification from the higher self towards its lower extension flows within the energetic movements of creational intention and can be observed within its potentialities of the lower extension through its ability of free thought and intention. The allowance of free thought and the free will choice of the lower conscious through its higher self is the fuel source for the participation and evolvement of the lower conscious.

Without the ability of free thought and its ability of movement within the physical plane through the desire and intention the lower conscious becomes a captive spectator. The perception of free thought within the awareness of the lower self is conducive of the degree of restrictions held within the belief system. The held restrictions are projected into the perception as limiting factors, which through the individual perception within its energetic cycle of communication with the internal belief system manifests into the lower awareness as personalized reasons or excuses for limitations.

Held low vibrational negative energy within the impression stage of the individual belief system, influences the reality of the lower conscious through its’ observation of limiting factors or restrictions within its waking reality. The source of the restrictions observed within the individuals’ reality are coming forth through the held restrictions within the impression/image stage of the subconscious belief system and are projected out onto the observable reality. The projected restrictions are energetically infused within the supporting environment through the attracted negative influence of restrictions.

The energetic process of magnetic attraction fuelled through the triggering of the emotional body drives the establishment and development of the subconscious and or conscious desire and intention through their manifestation within the observable reality. The observation of restricted beliefs within the observable reality confirms the internal belief through the observation of restrictions within themes and scenarios within their conscious reality.

The confirmation of held thought patterns within the belief system, through the observation within the waking reality is achieved through the projected restrictions within the subconscious perception of vibrational compatibility with the external manifestation. The vibrational compatibility or internal acceptance opens the belief system for the allowance of the external observation to impress within the belief system of the individual.

The movement into vibrational compatibility for the execution of the subconscious intention to allow entry for impression of the external observation is for the purpose of thought development through the association of the sympathetically vibrational internal and observed external reference frames. The movement of entry of the external reference frame into the internal belief system is for the solidity of establishment through the thought development within the belief system.

The ability of a lower conscious operating within held restrictions for the remote viewing of Angels will be reflected within the awareness/perception of the lower conscious. This is achieved through the observed reaction of an encounter with an Angelic being through the conscious or subconscious remote viewing of an Angel.

An individual operating within vibrational compatibility of the duality consciousness will perceive an Angelic encounter through the perspective of dualism. Within the perspective of dualism, the necessity to identify and associate the external reality within the context of oppositional forces is through the individuals position within the vibrational spectrum of the duality consciousness. The influence of the energetic polarization of the perception of an individual, towards its observational reality, into a mouldable format for vibrational compatibility through its held perspective within the duality consciousness, generates the desire for the continued experience through the familiarization of the vibrational compatibility of the observable reference frames.

The communication of data received from the remote viewing of Angels through a dualistic perspective will be observed within the lower awareness within an oppositional context, which through the collective concept/belief of angels holds the concept of Angels through the dualistic perspective, which perceives Angels as heroes or agents of rescue.

The identification of an external focus through the surfacing into the awareness and its consequence interaction/reaction cycle of thought exchange, as a hero or savior automatically manifests or initiates the manifestation into the awareness of its oppositional counterpart. The automation of oppositional associations of an external point of focus, is a necessity for the initial and sustained vibrational rate of the lower energy body, for vibrational compatibility with a duality consciousness.

The automation of oppositional associations of external points of focus within the duality consciousness is required for establishing the perception of the participating self-aware vibratory consciousness into the plausibility of a dualistic reality. The easy accessibility of thought reference frames supporting the concept of oppositional forces, influences continued participation within the reality experience of the duality consciousness.

The dualistic perception associates the Angel with its commonly perceived counterpart as the concept of evil. The perception of a counterpart towards an external point of observation, generates the perception of balance as the counter movement of an identified movement, generates the idea through the dualistic perspective. This is achieved through the accessibility of thought reference frames and their collection of the associative oppositional force.

For the remote viewing of a Angel in which its non-physical appearance is sensed within the lower energy body, void of dualistic tendencies, the vibrational ascension from out of the duality consciousness will have to be achieved.

The remote viewing of an Angel within a low vibrational operating rate is achieved through the Angelic movement of thought/light into the lower vibrational mental state of the lower conscious. The movement of thought/light into the lower extension is carried through the higher self energetic connection. The sense of vagueness or distance in regards to a proper approach for understanding Angels, is the Angels’ inability to project within its higher frequency, in order for communication to occur between the Angel and the lower self.

The sensory communication between the Angel and the lower self is within the subconscious interface between the upper and lower energies and is carried forth into the conscious of the lower self for the fulfillment of the intended purpose. For the attraction of awareness of an Angel to occur through a low vibrational observers remote viewing attempt, a desire or resolution attempt lies hidden within the subconscious. These hidden subconscious intentions quietly drive the attraction process, while the lower conscious within its observable reality is unaware of the process.

The Angelic influence towards an individual or consensual grouping holds the potential for movement into the expansion of the lower conscious. The desire for repeated experiences of remote viewing Angels is to achieve a format of understanding through the remote viewing application.

For a perception of the true reality of Angels apart from the low vibrational thought approach, a strongly held desire within the remote viewing attempt of Angels, will initiate the magnetic attraction properties within the emotional body. The thought/desire energetic intention in movement within the emotional body, is a powerful agent for the attraction into the awareness of high intelligence thought/energy fields and the remote viewing ability for access.

The awareness and access into a high intelligence thought/energy field perceived as a surfacing effect into the awareness, is through the movement of the individual mind into a thought/energy field, generating the surfacing effect.

The conscious desire for remote viewing Angels is fuelled through its, accepted compatibility of the higher selves’ desire for the ascension of the lower self into the vibrational compatibility of its higher energy format, for a reality experience through a higher perspective. The conscious desire for remote viewing Angels is compatible to the subconscious desire for ascension, as the practice of remote viewing Angels can provide assistance for the ability for vibrational ascension.

The high vibrational influence generated from the presence of Angels within the lower conscious through remote viewing, can initiate an emotional response and directive movement, of the emotional energies into the movement of vibrational ascension.

Through the vibrational energetic movement of the reconfiguration of the individual perception for vibrational compatibility, which is for the access into high intelligence thought fields, flows within the movements of sphere expansion. The ability of the individual perception to reconfigure its vibrational energetic state for the proper approach for the remote viewing of Angels within their operational energetic functions, apart from the low vibrational thought influence is within the designed potentialities of the lower extension.

Without the ability for remote viewing Angels from a higher vibrational seat of perspective, the effectiveness of Angelic assistance, will be governed through the low vibrational perception. Through this perspective the influence of Angelic assistance is perceived from the lower perception as a rescue attempt. The inversion of Angelic assistance into the individual perception as a rescue attempt, voids the directed influence of assistance, as the vibrational pattern of the individual remote viewing the Angel is operating below the vibrational spectrum in which, high intelligence wisdom can be perceived in its higher intention as Angelic assistance.

The ability of the lower self to perceive Angelic assistance as the empowering of the self through the Angelic influence into high vibrational ascension, is within the seat of perspective of the vibrational spectrum of a high intelligence thought/energy field.

The ability of the lower self to position its awareness within a high intelligence thought/energy field is through its relocation of its seat of perspective. This ability lies within the loss of desire for the reality experience within a low vibrational thought/energy field. The loss of the desire for participation within a duality consciousness is through the formation of the desire for self-empowerment. The directive intention of the formation for a proper approach, will need to be void of a coinciding ego expansion, with the expansion of the sphere of awareness.

The intended loss of desire for dualism becomes effective through the presented choice of self-empowerment which transmutes through the movement of the desire, the low vibrational energy of the victim perception operational within the duality consciousness, into its high vibrational energetic state motioning the desire of self-empowerment into thought development.

Self-empowerment or personal responsibility is expansive as the perceived restrictions within the lower conscious are removed, to allow the expansive emotional intention of self-empowerment, to coincide its expansion within the expansion of the lower conscious.

The attraction of Angelic beings into the awareness of the lower conscious is properly achieved through the self-empowerment ability of vibrational ascension. The thought interaction with Angelic beings is perceived through the consciousness of self-empowerment as assistance for the continuation of the vibrational ascension process. The proper remote viewing of Angels is the ability of the lower self to position its conscious mind into the subconscious area of its internal processes. Within this mental position the ability for the generation of signal to attract into the lower awareness the presence of Angels can be achieved.

The ability of directive signal generation towards the successful application of remote viewing Angels is within the free thought free will creational power initiating momentum through its conscious application.

The subconscious desire for remote viewing Angels holds the ability to position the lower self into compatibility or acceptance of the Angelic experience through its subconscious position within the reality cycle. The perception of an individual governs the reality experience of an Angelic encounter into personalized representations, espoused within an operational perception of a state of mind or consciousness.

The higher vibrational position towards the vibrational location of the Angelic consciousness, coincides with the accuracy or purity of the Angelic information, and is influenced through the perception filter of the lower conscious. The perception filter is the severity of held low vibrational energy distortions operating within the higher self energy connection.

The transmutation of low vibrational constrictive energies into its expansive high vibrational energetic state, generates the movement of the desire/intention into the high vibrational flow of the pure thought creational movement of energies, is reflected within the awareness of the lower self.

The influence of thought reference frames within the lower conscious through the thought interactions of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, which present a solution or a reference for contrast to employ discernment, are the conscious landmarks of the participation of the lower self within a high intelligence though/energy field.

The lower self can remain within its familiar environment and associative consensual reality within its vibrational ascension. The expansion of awareness and the coinciding enhancement of the sensory/perception abilities allows the lower self the availability of high intelligence reference frames for contrast. The high intelligence contrast is necessary to employ a mental compass or navigational abilities for the position of proper alignment within the higher self energy connection.

The first creational intention/ movement of which the creational high vibrational expansive creational force is sourced from, is positioned within the mind as an effective mental position for the proper ability of remote viewing Angels.

The perception of Angels within a high vibrational seat of perspective is approached within a diminished human perspective as the limitations of the perception of separation, within the automation of the human condition, are transcended into a high intelligence understanding or knowing. The Angel is a messenger of high intelligence thought solutions, for the assistance of humanity into a collective vibrational ascension into the higher purpose of collective ascension.

The ability of the lower self to position its seat of perspective within the reaches of the Angelic thought/energy consciousness field, is for the proper clarity within the Angelic communication and flows within the energetic potentialities of the lower self.

The ability for remote viewing Angels from a higher vibrational perspective for physical plane manifestation and application, allows the individual to experience creation from a higher vibrational perspective. The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into proper alignment within the higher vibrational energy channel, for the opportunity of vibrational ascension into a higher seat of perspective, are effective and valuable for the proper application of remote viewing Angels.

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