Remote Influencing and Remote Viewing The Higher Self
The Ascension Triangle.

Remote influencing and remote viewing for ascension is based on the secret ancient knowledge. Since most intelligence agencies have declassified some of their documents, their techniques have been revealed and remote viewers and remote influencers have been free to talk. These practices have been around for much longer than the last century under different names such as E.S.P. and the concept of manifestation. The reality that you experience is but an illusion it is an outer reflection of your thoughts interwoven with the thought construct called the earth matrix. It is needed to give to you the perception of time and space and a sense of reality within certain rules pertaining to this level of the matrix. This thought program will project its thoughts onto you and you project your thoughts back onto it as a reaction of the situations you encounter in your everyday life. This program operates at a low vibratory rate if you want to have more control of what you would want to see manifest in this reality you will need to raise your vibratory rate. By remote influencing the higher self you will gain very high levels of intuition. The ability to remote view the future will help you to avoid the traps of the matrix. These techniques are also needed to achieve a higher vibratory rate.

The concept of ascension is one of the oldest ideas we as conscious human beings have about spirituality and the afterlife. It is the foundation of religion and spiritual teachings.

To successfully ascend to higher planes one must remote influence the higher self as you have been projected here by your higher self as its lower self. This is needed in order for the higher self to learn as the earth matrix is a training program.

If you want to manifest your reality on higher planes or into this reality you must first prove that you have a well developed heart. The earth matrix is a thought construct with the purpose of projecting a reality to you so you can learn what to do by experiencing what not to do through negative situations and your desire for not wanting to repeat them.

On higher planes your light energy vibrates at a higher rate and so do your thoughts the higher the vibration of thought energy mixed with strong emotion the more quickly what you think of will appear.

Imagine every thought you have within a day became manifest what if you thought about the earth blowing apart, as you can see we need the earth matrix as a learning tool. You will not be allowed to ascend to higher levels of reality until you can learn to control your thoughts and if a negative thought appears you must learn to cancel it with a positive one.

The thoughts of fear, greed, hatred and separation are of low vibrations and the thoughts of love, joy, happiness and peace are of high vibrations. Techniques for cleansing the subconscious mind must be applied in order to clear out any negative thought patterns that may be hiding in this state of mind.

In order to connect to the higher self you will need to use the powerful techniques of remote influencing and remote viewing to enter the theta state with full awareness then the delta mind state.

Delta is a portal to the higher self and to remote influence from this level is highly effective. You can use theta to remote view on this plane and use the delta portal to remote influence the higher self for manifestation on this plane also.

After some time while remaining aware at the delta level you will connect to the unity point. The unity point is a frequency of high vibration it is the point that connects all of mankind the realization that we are all one.

While connecting to the unity point you can raise your vibrations to the level of the earth from here you can then enter the portal of nature and remote influence very powerfully.

Once you have entered the deep subconscious mind with full awareness and have connected with the higher self you have started the ascension process. The ultimate goal would be for all of mankind to unite back to the realization that we are all one.

This would raise the vibrations of the earth matrix to a higher level so that love for all is the norm rather than fear and separation, this is global ascension.

The body of knowledge from here in will further explain the concepts of remote influencing, remote viewing, ascension, thought, the higher self, the unity point and reality itself.

Have a wonderful flight my friend.

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The Remote Influencing Ascension Guide Contact Page
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