Thought And Duality

Thought And Duality

Through thought and duality the spirit of creation for self-awareness of the higher vibratory connection of the higher self can experience creation. The energetic formation of movement against its stationary position generates the initial contrast through the first movement of creational intention. The first movement of creational intention into manifested expression is the underlining creational movement of self-awareness. Within the first movement away from stillness, the movement of creational intention or the Logos is aware of movement away from the still point. The ability to perceive movement is reflective of the ability to perceive stillness, as without the reference of contrast of the perception of stillness the identification of movement is perceived without the understanding of movement. Without contrast to stimulate the perception the self-aware consciousness is unable to support its vibrational sphere of awareness through an incompatible reality without an external reality to create the perception for its self-aware vibratory conscious. Within the first movement of creational intention, which generates the stillness of potentialities into energetic motion, the reality of contrast fuels the self-aware vibratory consciousness being into thought activities of dualistic influence and expression.

The ability of self-awareness within a collective energetic understanding or a collective conscious energy body experiences a collective reality through the separated movements within a unifying effect. These differential movements of energies are represented within the human expression, as the individual movements within an awareness of a subconscious energetic understanding or the connectivity of the collective conscious movement.

The individual within the perception of duality, through self-awareness, moves within its perception of separation and views the collection of individuals within its collective whole as separated movements. The unifying effect of the individual movements, generate the perception of an association or familiarity between the individual movements. The association or familiarity within the human expression is the collection of individual perceptions of humanity to form the collective perception of humanity.

The ability of humanity to operate separately and move collectively within a perception of a whole is through the act of contrast of duality. The co-ordinational effect of the reality experience of humanity or sensory energy connections which connect the individual to the whole being and its reciprocal action through the energetic return flow, are required for the collective development of the reality experience through the cycle of communication of the individual and collective intentions.

The first movement within the creation of the Logos, in which the awareness of duality is a perceptual effect of the cause of the awareness of contrast between stillness and movement, the momentum for creational expression is generated. Through the desire for expansion of desire and intention into expression, the development of thought through the vehicle of self-awareness is initiated into movement by the dualistic expression of energies. Within the creational flow of energies it expands its creational intention into a vast mosaic of self-aware intentional expression.

Dualism can be perceived within all of creation, as every component of creation is created from the contrast of the energy states of stillness and movement. Within the movement of expansive creational intention, a contrast or counterpart is required for the awareness of manifested desire and intention to be perceived as expression.

The ability to perceive the intention of the desire into manifested reality, is through the energetic contrast of movements of expansive intention and contractive expression. The movement of contraction is required for the perception of the manifested expression of the desired intention. The contractive movement of expression generates the reflected light effect of sensory reality. The effect of a sensory reality is created through the movement of intention, within an individualization of creational light, reflecting into the region of reception within its sensory/perception activities.

The ability of the self-aware unit to perceive its reflected light is within the movements of energies that support the self-aware vibratory consciousness. The ability of awareness through the sensory/perception activities requires the contrast of vibration within the self-aware being for its ability to perceive an external reality. Within the vibrational movements of the lower energy body, the differential movements of vibration within the reciprocal energetic effect of the thought activities of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, are reflected within the individual reality, as sensory effects of the thought/intention of the self-aware unit.

The vibrational effect of the intention cause, reflected into the individual reality sphere, acts as a gauge for measurement of the cause and effect of vibrational movements of desire and intention of the self-aware vibratory consciousness. The contrast in rate of immediate and constant vibrational activities within the energy formation of the lower self, are registered or made aware of, within the thought communication activities of the differential intentions or aspects within the energy body of the lower self.

The ability of the separate energetic movements to become aware of the differential energy movements within its collective whole is through the awareness of vibrational contrast of separate intentions within its collective whole. The awareness is generated through the sense of the severity of tension applied through the differential directions of movement/intention within the lower energy body.

The awareness of an external energetic tension applied onto the self-aware vibratory consciousness, is through the awareness of the effect of the cause of tension upon the mental perception of self boundaries, in either the human body within the perception of physicality and within the mental sphere of awareness of the non-physical reality.

The awareness of external tension against the energetic sphere of awareness of the lower self, is the energetic effect of the cause of the unification of opposite directions of movements of energies. This is the energetic structure for the ability of the macro and micro consciousness fields to hold the perception of self-awareness.

Dualism is the energetic movement generated through the interaction of opposable energies, expressed within all of creation and expressed in relation to the ability of perception of the self-aware consciousness.

The individualizations of light positioned within the lower vibrational allowances of severity or oppositional tension, within the vibrational spectrum of the collective thought activities of its being, will operate through the coinciding effect of the vibrational seat of perspective within degrees of contraction of their sphere of awareness. The degrees of contraction within the internal perception into the external perception are the manifestation of the effect of the internal sensing of tension upon the lower energy body.

The self-aware consciousness unable to become familiar with its subconscious processes, observes the manifestation of the internal sense of tension or stress, as an external reality of themes of associative and personalized tension.

The ability to become aware of the differential movements or severity of tension observed within the awareness of the lower self, requires an expansion of perception to allow the full thought processing abilities to become compatible within the expansion movement. The compatibility of the expansion of perception within the movement of sphere expansion, allows the self-aware consciousness the opportunity for the relocation of perspective in to a higher vibrational seat of perspective. The ability for viewing its reality from a higher vibrational mental location, generates the awareness of an expanded perception, through the effect of vibrational ascension into a higher seat of perspective.

The mental anchoring onto a higher vibrational location is within the movements of sphere expansion. The lower vibrational seats of perspective do not generate the required rate of vibrational activity to influence the energetic boundaries of its perception of its sphere of awareness into an expansive movement. Communication between the differential aspects of the energy body, generate the awareness of the coinciding expansion of perception within the sphere expansion. The expansion of the sphere of awareness expands the perception through the availability of, new thought connections within the awareness, through the movement of the sphere into perceptually new mental locations.

The energetic movements of expansion and contraction are the energetic effect of the cause of thought interaction of the self-aware vibratory consciousness. Within the movements of expansion and contraction are coinciding vibrational seats of perspectives. The conscious desire for expansion through the internal influential intentions, which generate the conscious desire, though the communication of vibrational sensing between the energy sphere of the lower conscious and the dynamic motion of the emotional body.

The subconscious desire for the expansion of the sphere of awareness is generated through the logical intention of the internal belief system for transcendence of its mental state of reality into expanded opportunities of awareness. The logical intention of the internal belief system is generated through the awareness of the ineffectiveness of the held and established reference frames within the belief system.

The subconscious desire for the expansion of awareness motioned into the lower conscious is initially influenced by the higher self. The higher self influence of the lower conscious presents a reference frame from a higher perspective into the lower awareness for the ability of contrast. The ability of contrast through a higher perspective allows the lower extension the ability to become aware of the ineffectiveness of the sensing of illogical movements with the held reference frames within the internal belief system.

The higher self influence is allowed entry into the awareness of the lower self through the reconfiguration of the internal belief system, for the acceptance of higher perspective reference frames, through the energetic action of vibrational compatibility.

Within the energy movements of mass thought/focus the cause of the experiences of the personalized participation within duality, is reflected within the collective reality sphere, as oppositional forces within themes co-created through the individual perception. The individual perception is governed through internal subconscious influences and its perception of external influences. The sensory activity of internal and external influences create the energetic cycle, motioned through the thought interaction, reaction and contemplation activities of the co-ordinated participating self-aware vibratory units of creational light.

The vibrational restrictions within the collective sphere contraction, generate through the vibrational location of the collective thought/focus of humanity, the dualistic tendencies within its observable reality as severities or degrees of insult against the individual sphere of reality, which in turn are expressed within the collective sphere of reality.

The degree or severity of insult is the observable manifestation of the collection of individual thought of the sensing of energetic tension, applied against the individual sphere, and viewed within the collection through mass thought interpretation. The sensed energetic tension coming forth into the collective awareness, is initiated into movement for awareness, through the subconscious fuel of the collective emotional body.

The reaction of energetic tension applied to the collective sphere through the interaction within a consciousness field, influences the collective direction or vibrational movement into vibrational positions, for the collective perception initiated through the collective interaction and reaction. Within the collective movements of reaction, through the evolution of collective thought and perception, the establishment of an oppositional reality powerfully influences the directive intention. This movement of impression is through the perception of concreteness, within the physical plane of the logical reality of dualistic perspectives.

The establishment of oppositional forces within the collective sphere of awareness is within the collective thought direction of the resolvement of the reaction, to the sense of tension or energetic stress, through its understanding within the conscious reality physical plane. The conscious attempt of the subconscious sense of tension expressed within the physical plane generates, through the momentum of necessity for resolvement, the heavy collective focus upon the material world and its aspects of duality.

The heavy collective focus upon materialistic dualism or the awareness and identification of oppositional forces generates, through the collective desire of conscious resolvement, the continuation of dualistic tension within the collective reality of humanity.

The continuation and consequence intensification of the severity of dualistic themes within the collective reality, further establishes the dualistic approach of the reality and necessity of oppositional forces and the sense of separation within the collective reality of humanity. The individual and consensual reaction to oppositional forces within the collective whole, initiate the individual and consensual vibrational movement, within the opposite pole energies supporting through expression the duality consciousness. The directive movements in vibration towards the positive pole and negative pole, generate the observable effect within themes and intentions expressed within sections of humanity, representing division through the differential movements within the pole energies.

The perspective of creation involves contrast through the energetic duality of motion and stillness. The ability of the lower self to experience reality within a lowered or de-energized attraction of degrees of severity, within the oppositional poles lies within its innate ability of vibrational ascension. The effective attempt for the relocation of perspective into a higher vibrational seat and its consequential consensual and collective influence, holds the potential to generate a better reality experience for humanity.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into a position of vibrational ascension, for the opportunity of collective influence, are powerful agents of momentum for the manifestation of a better reality experience for humanity.

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