Remote Influencing Through The Delta Door

Remote Influencing Through The Delta Door

Remote influencing is the power to manifest thoughts to create the reality that you want to experience. It is the ability to affect consensual reality through the levels of your mind. In order to create the life you want to see you will have to learn and master the techniques involved. You will need to learn how to remain conscious as you enter the unconscious level of mind, through the portal of delta. The idea that you are a victim of circumstance is an illusion, the ultimate power of creation is within you it was gifted to you at birth and it is yours to rediscover. Just as important as to where you place your awareness is the ability to control your thoughts and how to highly energize the thoughts you want to see manifested into your reality. The practice of remote influencing can show you how to accomplish both through high energy vibration techniques and mental exercises.

Everyone experiences what is called delta when they enter into deep sleep. The techniques involved will teach you to bring your waking mind, the beta level into this mysterious realm where you can manifest your thoughts very powerfully.

As you go through your everyday life you operate mostly at beta where the electrical wave activity in the brain oscillates between 14 and 30 cycles per second.

This is where you have the full perception of the individual self and the critical mind is fully active.

When daydreaming or watching television you slip into to alpha state the brains electrical waves then oscillate between 7 and 14 cycles per second.

At this level your critical awareness is not fully operational and thoughts and images can slip past the beta filter and into the subconscious mind.

This is why it is important to choose carefully what you want to experience at the alpha level and also at the theta and delta states.

When you relax even deeper the brain waves slow down even more to between 4 and 7 cycles per second this is known as theta where you become even more detached from the waking reality.

The theta level is the point just before falling asleep this is the ledge of the subconscious where remote viewing is the most effective.

It is where you remote view information from the deeper realms.

As the electrical brain wave activity slows down even more between 1 and 4 cycles per second you lose consciousness and fall into deep sleep, this is the delta level from here you have entered the unconscious.

This level is where no dreaming occurs, to dream you need a sense of self and brain wave activity increases as you climb back up to the theta and alpha states.

When you enter the portal of delta you are in the region of the universal mind. From here you can create your thoughts onto your reality.

To manifest effectively you must remain awake at this level, as this point is where thoughts enter into the conscious awareness during your waking reality.

The deeper you can dive while remaining aware the more powerful the manifestation.

In order to get to these levels you will need to increase the vibrations of your light body to very high levels.

This is where you will encounter the higher self and receive guidance, higher intuition, higher intelligence and the ladder for ascension.

I invite you to explore the information from here in further to gain a better understanding of remote influencing as this concept contains many different aspects and a vast amount of explanations.

Why remote influencing and remote viewing are complimentary practices. Why these concepts are needed for ascension. Explanations for vibration techniques, the light body, portals, the higher self, the universal mind and many others will also be discussed.

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