Remote Viewing Auras And The Activation Of Extra Sensory Perception

remote viewing auras and the activation of extra sensory perception

Remote viewing techniques aligned within the thought/intention involving the higher intelligences will create the opportunity for activation and development of the dormant potential of extra sensory perception. This energetic movement can be observed within the individual reality as manifestations of auras and similar sensory perception operating outside of the common senses of awareness and employment. Dormant potentials within the design of the human thought program in regards to activation and development are dependent upon the level of operational awareness and clarity of connection towards the higher vibrational energies. The human body through the human awareness influence, will operate accordingly to the level of vibrational energy the lower self through the human mechanism consistently operates within. The perspective of self-empowerment, void of the ego application and its by-products, will create the acceleration of the higher vibrational energies in concentration within the human housing via the degree of expansion within the human awareness.

The surfacing into the awareness of the human conscious of the lower self energetic format and its related higher energy embodiments, will create the rotation in perspective. This action is achieved through realignment for the opportunity for receivement through acceptance of the higher intelligences.

This held perspective initiates the energetic movement towards the ability for clarification of distortions presented within the individual or collective reality as misconceptions.

The intention through desire for resolvement of negative influences held and further attempts directed towards the individual or collection will create the momentum required through the dynamism of emotional energy powering this movement.

This perspective will have to be mentally established within the belief system of an individual or consensual application, as a replacement for the negative fear of separation.

Awareness of perceived negative influence and its role in the weakening of connection to the higher energies through the reciprocal movement of low vibrational energy manifested as distortions, must come to proper understanding.

The weakening of energetic connection involves the allowance of distortions within the return flow towards the higher frequencies.

The low vibrational energetic cycle will create through its efficiency of seeding alterations of Divine thought within the subconscious area of the belief system, barriers through the un-acceptance of awareness of the higher intelligences.

The development and employment of proper discernment through an intuitive, higher nature, can only become activated through the proper alignment towards the higher frequency bandwidths involving pure Divine thought, void of distortions.

Without proper discernment for the ability of locating and identifying perceived external influence, the lower self or collections will not hold the self-empowerment attribute for refusal of entry and interaction, with the perceived negative influence.

In regards to spiritual evolution this held perspective will create through the action of magnetic attraction, fuelled by the emotion of fear the movement towards the lower frequencies of operation.

Within the perceived current perspective held consensually within the mass consciousness thought/energy field, remote viewing would fall into the category as outside the common senses of operation.

This category established through distortions within restricted awareness operations, is termed as extra sensory perception within this held perspective.

This viewpoint formed as concreteness within the individual or consensual reality, will create a separation in energetic sequence involving the subtle energies, required for the activation of extra sensory perception.

Through the individuals or groupings remote viewing attempt for the purpose of receiving information outside the perception of self-awareness, what is coined as a successful hit, will further establish within the individual or groupings belief system, a clarification of distortions.

This action involving remote viewing will further accelerate and amplify the higher vibrational energies required for the initial activation, and continuous development of extra sensory perception.

For an individual or selections within a grouping that hold distortions as misconceptions within the belief system, they will have to come to a resolvement.

This is in regards to effective remote viewing through the activation and employment of extra sensory perception.

The individuals or selections within the consensual application will have to de-energize negative energetic patterns, and reprogram this area of the mind with the perspective held within the higher intelligences.

Without efficiency of action involving this matter of created barriers, the removal of the individual or selections is warranted, for the purpose of successful remote viewing through the extra sensory activation process.

An apparent misconception within the current perception of the collective conscious involves the heavy focus on matter, which creates ease of belief establishment, through its perceptually obvious cause and effect mechanism.

Individuals or collections operating within the lower conscious of restricted awareness, will not hold the ability to sense the subtle energies through the action of un-acceptance of activation.

This perception is further concreted through the continuation of focussed energy and thought interaction solely upon reflected light, within the low vibrational frequency of the physical plane.

The lessons of the material world within an individual or collective reality cannot be fully appreciated, without the understanding of the metaphorical meaning involving the inner processes of awareness, individually or collectively.

The intention of distraction away from the inner perspective surfacing into the individual, or consensual reality in the form of perceived external influence, must come to a resolution for clarity of connection to the higher intelligences.

Individuals or collections that become easily distracted by the perceived external material world will not hold the opportunity for inner self exploration.

This perspective will negate activation of extra sensory perception and effective remote viewing applications.

For the individuals or collections of consensual reality that have activated extra sensory perception, the sensing of auras and related subtle energy fields, through effective remote viewing techniques, will further establish the individual or consensual belief system for further development and application.

Auras can be properly sensed through the perspective of the now within its still point of awareness. The future and past perceptions create distraction through disconnection of the subtle energies, that fuel and support the activation of extra sensory perception.

The perception of the now slows the movement of focus on external stimuli, for the opportunity of awareness of the inner mind and ability of locating through awareness, the perception of the subtle energies.

The subtle energies operate within a higher frequency than that of the physical plane. The logical movement for awareness of these energies must come from the action of acceleration and sustainability of higher vibrational energy. This acceleration is required to sympathize in resonance with the vibrational energy these subtle formats are operating within as they appear to the senses.

The acceptance of the subtle energies creates the opportunity for further development of sensing auras, through the receivement of the higher intelligences, within the return flow connection of the subtle energetic pathways.

The establishment of activation and evolution of extra sensory perception, in regards to remote viewing auras and related subtle energetic operations, can be viewed within the physical plane. This is achieved through the successful application of sensing auras and related subtle energies.

From this perspective further development of the extra senses in regards to the subtle energies will create acceleration of vibrational energy. This movement fuels the processing and application abilities of the higher intelligences and therefore the expansion of the human awareness.

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