Thought Imagination And The Human Mind

Thought Imagination And The Human Mind

Through the employment of thought and the co-creational attributes of the imagination, the lower self via the human mind can hold the remote influencing ability to attract desired experiences into physical plane manifestation. Without the ability of self-thought the self-aware vibratory consciousness, would not hold the ability to co-create within a supporting energy matrix, operating within a set design of creational codes. The self-aware consciousness can invoke plasticity upon the perception of matter to thus reflect the perception of the observer, within the interacting influences, towards the reality screen of the self-aware consciousness. The perception of a self-aware vibratory consciousness is influenced by its internal mental processes and its interaction with its surrounding environment which will govern its rate of vibration within its vibratory consciousness. The correlation of multiple influences upon the lower conscious, will create alterations in the perception/belief system mental process. These alterations within the mental functions can be observed, consciously and or subconsciously, as movements of expansion and contraction within the sphere of awareness of the lower self.

The movement of expansion and contraction within the sphere of awareness of the self-aware vibratory consciousness will coincide with degrees of perceived limitations held within the belief system of the lower self.

Within the creational laws of free will the movements within the sphere of awareness are supported and acknowledged through their presentation into the position for observation of the self-aware unit. The free will desire for vibrational movement is the underlining principal for the experience of the self-aware vibratory consciousness.

The degree of severity of held perceptions of limitations within the lower conscious, will be reflected in the ability for the lower self to consciously participate in the co-creational ability to manifest desire/intention, and through its movement of intention into the sphere of reality of the self-aware unit.

The lower self unaware of its creational power to remote influence its reality is still remote influencing its reality. This is achieved through the projection of supporting creational light/energy from the higher self, through the impression stage of the belief system of the lower self, and onto the reflective screen of the non-vibratory earth matrix to be observed by the lower self through its sphere of awareness.

What the lower self believes about itself through its human mind, which is, a combination of selected and accepted influences, recombined through thought interaction and contemplation, will be presented into the sphere of awareness of the lower self. Without the realization of the ability to remote influence thoughts into reality consciously, the lower self will create vulnerability towards external influence.

Without the ability of creative thought/imagination the lower self is perceptually forced to accept external influence, collected as reference frames, for navigation of desired movement within its reality sphere.

The repetition of negative themes within scenarios presented into the awareness of the lower self is a reflection of external negative influence formed into limiting factors, held within the subconscious mind, which are projected for the effect of reflection onto the reality sphere of the lower self.

Limiting factors held within the belief system, projected onto the creational screen for observation and identification, will reinforce the limiting factors, through the impression of observable reality, to create restricted thought evolution through continued interaction. Continuous participation within the limited perception would hold a high probability of continued involvement within the negative energy spiral.

The desire for continued experience within the negative energy spiral and participation through the desire for non-participation, via resolvement attempts within the consciousness of the negative spiral, will continue the involvement of the lower self within the negative energy spiral.

The limited perception held within the involvement of the negative energy spiral will restrict communication between the high intelligence thought/energy fields of the higher self and its lower conscious extension.

Without the internal, intuitive communication from the higher vibrational mind, the limited human mind must attempt the resolvement of limiting factors of the negative energy influence, through the same perception which has created the limiting factors.

The resolvement of the limiting factors held within the human mind will require observation and participation from a higher perspective operating outside the limitations existing in low vibrational thought/energy fields.

Low vibrational thought/energy fields allow support for the limited perception operation of the human mind experience of a limited reality. These experiences are supported and espoused in operational conscious thought realms, such as the human experience of the duality consciousness.

The consciousness of duality and the self-aware vibratory consciousness that is aware of duality, through its dualistic perception and interaction, are dependent upon each other for the perception of existence within an environment themed within the perspective of duality.

Without the focussed thought/energy of the vibrational consciousness energizing the available structures and forms for animation, the structure of the duality consciousness will remain in its dormant state. Without the availability of the duality consciousness structure, the lower self would not hold the desire for the experience of duality.

The desire for the experience of duality and the creation of the pure thought structure to support the duality consciousness, are simultaneous creations. The action of the simultaneous creation of complimentary activities, are required for participation within a vibrational conscious operation.

For the self-aware vibratory consciousness to operate within a duality consciousness, distortions within the higher self energy connection must be present. Without held distorted negative energy within the higher energy connection, the illusion of duality and separation cannot be perceived as absolute reality.

It would not hold the focus of a vibratory consciousness, operating within a higher vibratory rate, than that of the vibratory rate of operation of the duality consciousness. The desire for the experience of dualistic themes within the human experience will attract, through the desires lowering influence upon the vibratory rate of the lower self, the availability for participation of the duality consciousness.

The desire for the experience of duality within the human mind is energized and set into motion, through the limited perception and beliefs of the lower self. Through the contemplation process of thought interaction the lower self feels that it is necessary to experience these themes within its sphere of reality.

The duality consciousness which is present and heavily projected out from the mass consciousness energy field, is a perceptually automatic experience within the current collective perception of conscious operation, within the physical plane of the earth.

The reason for the perception of conscious automatic participation, is due to the low vibrational rate of the current collective perception, influencing the vibrational rate of operation of the interacting matrix. It is a compatible environment in which the duality consciousness can hold existence and function.

Within the duality consciousness the theme of separation is a powerful influencing factor which creates the illusionary perspective of self-awareness within a negative experience.

The death consciousness, which is a restricted belief held within the human mind operating within the duality consciousness, will generate the perspective of the fear of death through the awareness of a temporal existence.

The participation within the duality consciousness through the conscious and or subconscious perspective of the fear of death, void of the ability to communicate within the higher intelligence thought/energy fields, will create the high probability of the continued participation of the lower self through the fear of death perspective.

The inability of the lower self for refusal of interaction, generated within a restricted perception, will create the high probability of continuous interaction.

Through the limited perception held within the lower selves’ involvement within the duality consciousness, the lower self observes dualistic themes within its presented scenarios, through the desire attraction of the duality experience.

The common roles enacted by the lower selves participating within the duality consciousness of the victim, villain and hero perspectives, are the effect of the polarization of vibrational energy. These vibrational energy movements will create the perceived oppositional forces, for the perception of established separation, which is heavily supported through the duality consciousness. The polarization effect is a creation generated for the support of the vibratory consciousness as it generates the desire for participation through access of observational thought interaction.

Without the ability of the lower self to form a comparison for the effect of contrast towards dualistic themes of scenarios presented within the individual reality sphere, the lower self will hold a low probability of conscious expansion into the higher intelligence thought/energy fields.

The inability of movement of consciousness into the higher intelligence energy fields, operating outside of the low vibrational duality consciousness, is created through the inability of the lower self to become aware of a destination for the direction of thought/intention.

The self-awareness mental attribute of imagination can hold a deciding factor through its ability to expand the conscious. The ability to explore thought fields, operating within desired themes through their associative levels of vibrational rates of operation, or what is observed through the human mind as imagination are mental portals for high intelligence access.

The ability to explore intelligence fields operating outside of the currently held perception and established reference frames within the belief system creates the opportunity for the expansion of the lower conscious. The desire fuelled through the mental process of imagination, creates the desire of the movement of thought, into the desired intelligence fields for the opportunity of experience within the reality sphere.

The capability of the human mind for thought imagination and its experience, will be governed by the effectiveness of the capacity within the lower conscious, to hold focus for interaction with concepts and ideas, remote viewed from the mental application of the imagination.

The lower self through its self-aware ability of free thought and free will choice, will experience degrees of the imagination process within its human experience, as the mental application of imagination, falls into the perspective of thought contemplation.

The effectiveness of the contemplation process within the human mind is a determining factor for the evolution of thought within the self-aware vibratory conscious operation. The mental process of imagination is a valuable tool in the review of, held impressed thoughts and ideas within the belief system, and for the analysis of potential impressions observed within the sphere of awareness.

The imagination process of a restricted operational awareness, is fuelled through the desire for resolvement, through a complete understanding of the associations observed in the reality sphere, created through the limited awareness, and enacted through the cause and effect mechanism.

The imagination of a self-thought process, is the essence of the creational expansive energies, that have created the world of existence, in which the self-awareness vibratory consciousness can operate.

The rate of vibrational energy in which the lower self is operating, will heavily influence its movement through the held desire, into the desired thought/energy fields for the desired experience.

The lower self operating within a low restricted negative experience, presented within the duality consciousness, the imagination process of the lower self will manifest into the awareness concepts and ideas, within the level of the duality consciousness it is experiencing.

This mental action falls into the context of free will and the observers affect upon its observations which follow the creational codes supporting the reality process.

In regards to lower conscious expansion into the higher intelligence thought/energy fields, the cause of held distorted energy within the higher energy connection will have to be identified and addressed for proper resolvement.

The ability to exercise the mental application of imagination for expansion into the higher intelligence perspective will coincide with the degree of negative energy influence affecting the movements of the lower conscious.

The ability to introduce concepts and ideas from the higher intelligence energy fields, into the mass consciousness movement, must come through the ability to access the high intelligences operating above the low vibrational energy rate of the mass consciousness field.

The attempt for high intelligence manifestations, cannot come forth through the recombination effort of established reference frames existing within the duality consciousness, and espoused heavily through the mass consciousness energy field.

The strengthening of connection towards the higher self, for the attempt of conscious expansion, will coincide with the removal of limiting factors operating within the belief system that create constrictions within the sphere of awareness.

This action of removal would allow the lower self greater access and effectiveness to exercise the mental application of imagination, through the human mind, into manifestation within the physical plane.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques, aligned within the higher intelligence perspective, would allow through the imaginative process, the lower self to experience its human reality from the higher perspective of the imagination of the mind of the One.

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