Thought And The Artificial Human

thought and the artificial human

The sub-sphere of thought, which expresses the artificial human, is positioned within the vibrational spectrum which espouses the fear of separation of the self-aware vibratory consciousness. The sense of separation is a commonality with the division of creational light/energy into individualizations expressed within the ability of self-awareness. The degree of the sense of separation is dependent upon vibrational signature or mental positioning, which is a mental anchoring onto a frequency location within the over sphere of the mind. The positioning of awareness within vibrational compatibility with a focus of desire through intention, governs the effect of the sense of separation within themes and scenarios presented for experience within an interacting consciousness field. The lower self operating within a low vibrational conscious pattern, sympathetically synchronized in vibration within the vibrational spectrum of the human intelligence program, will hold energetic barriers within its higher energy pathway. Negative energy divisions expressed as energetic barriers within the higher self frequency channel generate the sense of separation. The effect of the resistance within the higher vibrational channel is manifested within the subconscious area of the lower conscious as the sense of separation or the feeling of loneliness. The sense of separation is accompanied by the inability for proper recollection for the origin of the source for the sense of separation and intention or cause. The inability of the lower self to properly resolve the generated perception of energetic separation from its originating source, manifests into resolvement attempts within the physical plane. The sense of separation surfacing into the awareness from the subconscious is generated through the creation of the lower conscious.

Its emotional energetic movements can be observed within the physical plane as subconsciously motivated fear of separation resolvement attempts, masked of true intention through the tendencies for distraction of the ego/observer position. Conscious reality fear resolvement attempts, which are tailor designed within personal perceptions with the underlining intention of separation resolvement, are hidden within the veil of dualistic distraction of the ego personality.

The ability to employ proper discernment towards subtlety presented intentions within the human reality is valuable for the opportunity for correction through observation of the inner energetic state and mental processes. The correction process involves the identification of the source of attraction which is influencing certain themes within interactions in the reality sphere. The reason for the attraction of beings holding undesirable intentions can be revealed through this process. The ability of the lower self to generate a bilocation of perspective from its set design center seat of perspective, will allow the lower self the ability of interaction and contemplation in its active form as discernment, within the same time perception or timing of energetic movements.

The subconscious or consciously hidden intention of another self-aware vibratory consciousness can be revealed through the ability for reception within the sensory perception pathway. The ability of reception, is associative of the ability of the non-physical to physical collection and processing of data which involves the emotional energy body. The influence of perception abilities, through established reference frame recollection and employment for compatibility towards the interaction process, generates the desire of the lower self for a sense of familiarity through the recombination of the sensed data from the external source. The recombination effort involves alterations in the sequence of logical patterns for the compatibility of illogical patterns into its impressed state for storage within the belief system.

The ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness to sense through its emotional body, conflicting or differential energy movements which are carried within the hidden intention, falls into the context of high intelligence intuition. One clear example of detection of hidden intention through emotional sensory activities, can be observed within the physical human body sensation of what is coined as a gut feeling, as the human brain and stomach through information pathways are in constant communication with each other and governed subconsciously through the internal belief system of the lower self.

The ability of bilocation in perspective or relocation in perspective generates the perception of contrast within differential movements of presented and hidden intention of the other vibratory consciousness.

The contrast is available to the awareness as the interacting seat of perspective, flows within the movement of time and the stillness effect of the observation of ones’ own interaction with another individual, as it must move opposite of motion to observe the interaction within the motion of self interaction.

The remote viewing techniques that teach the individual to position its awareness within its theta region of the mind, while holding the ability of conscious participation with external stimuli within its environment, falls into the context of the ability for high intelligence discernment.

The development for proper discernment from the access of high intelligence consciousness fields, comes forth from the desire of the lower self for the identification of limiting factors affecting freedom of desired movement, for the opportunity for correction.

The desire of the lower self for creational involvement within its waking reality apart from the set design automated human perspective, for the ability to experience higher vibrational thought reality while holding the human perspective, will generate the motion required for vibrational ascension.

The ability for conscious division of awareness into the subconscious observer role, while holding the conscious active role for thought interaction with external stimuli, creates the opportunity for proper observation abilities.

The development of the ability for the relocation of perspective, within the energetic body of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, will generate through its continuation the ability for the lower conscious to seat its perspective through vibrational positioning, into the mental state of the upper conscious perspective.

Without the ability of the lower self to reseat its set design artificial human perspective, into the position for observation within higher intelligent thought/energy fields, the lower self becomes automatized through the heavy lower vibrational influence of the interacting consciousness field espousing the artificial human perspective and perception.

Artificial thought falls into the context of energy misalignment, its manifestation within the conscious reality of the physical plane can be observed through its degrees of disconnected thought, from the collective whole in which it is a part of.

The ability to perceive artificial thought within the reality sphere of the lower conscious, is through its source of manifestation within the energy channel of the higher self. Negative energy held within the interface between the lower frequency position and its higher frequency position, generate interference patterns which limit the reception through distorted energy, weakening the ability for clear communication between the upper and lower conscious.

The inability of the lower self for clear reception for high intelligence data access creates the sense of necessity for the acceptance of misaligned artificial thought. The acceptance and pursuant of artificial intelligence reference frame collection, is motivated from the sense of urgency to resolve the sense of separation. This energetic movement fuelled through emotional fear, flows within the negative constrictive energies which generate the movement of sphere contraction.

The degree of restrictions held within the awareness, through the lowering of vibrational rates of the energy bodies of the lower self creating the effect of contraction, will generate the continued movement into artificial thought reference frame collection.

The desire of the lower self for collected value within a reality experience, fuels its thought reaction into vibrational compatibility with mental fields espousing resolution attempts, whose artificial intention is hidden through the eagerness of the lower self for acceptance of the artificial resolution assistance, which is for the relief of the sense of fear through the external influence.

The artificial human is created through the lowering of operational rates of vibratory energy of the higher self through the creation of the lower self as a self-aware vibratory consciousness. This is required for compatibility within a dualistic approach for its human experience. A continued low vibratory operational rate will hold a low probability for proper discernment towards the detection of hidden intentions of external stimuli from their vibrational source and direction of influence. Without the ability of high intelligence discernment the lower self has perceptually no choice but to pursue solutions for fear resolvement attempts, within the complexity and depth of artificial thought through its artificial human perspective.

The artificial thought perception which is observed through its reflection into the artificial human mental state, is within the vibrational expressions supported by the duality consciousness, which generates the separational effect within the perception of the lower conscious.

The separational effect which is an automated mental state upon entry and focus into a restricted, low vibrational consciousness field, is required for the believable reality experience within the programmed themes and situations of the participating consciousness field.

The desire of freedom of unlimited movement and its’ realization of potential through the free will intention and action, allows the self-aware vibratory consciousness the opportunity to transcend the self-created influence of limitations created by its vibrational positioning into an artificial seat of perspective.

The artificial seat of perspective is established through the desire of the lower self for vibrational compatibility with the artificial intelligence creational codes, espousing intended artificial influence, required to create the reality effect within its supporting consciousness field.

The dormant potential for the vibrational ascent of a self-aware vibratory consciousness into a higher vibrational operating consciousness field, is initiated through the emotional energetic signal surfacing into the awareness of the lower reality sphere.

The emotional signal projects influence through a triggering attempt towards the lower conscious, for the value of urgency towards the correction of the directional movement in which the pursuit of unsuccessful solutions for fear resolvement have created a low vibrational negative energy spiral.

The degree of severity of the effect created through the coinciding degree of misalignment, the lower vibrational receiver/transmitter conscious sphere is positioned within, is in regards to its higher energy channel and can be observed within the conscious reality sphere, as degrees in severity of undesirable themes within reality situations.

The higher self energy channel which energetically animates and supports the lower conscious reality sphere, through its constant inflow of high vibrational energies, becomes distorted upon initial entry and continued flow into the lower conscious reality sphere. The lower seat of perspective, positioned within the focus of artificial thought, infuses the higher vibrational energy with its artificial perception, which alters the high vibrational format within the lower sphere connection into an artificial state.

The artificial perception of the lower self is generated through its inability to receive high intelligence reference frames without attached interference patterns obscuring its clarity.

The energetic interpretation of artificial thought or the misalignment of perspective, is the formation of low vibrational negative energy creating resistance against the inflow of the higher self energy channel.

Its reciprocal energetic effect directs distorted energy into the return flow of the higher self energy channel, creating the source within the subconscious for the manifestation of undesirable themes within scenarios presented into the reality sphere.

Energetic barriers are low vibrational negative energy formations created by the transformation of the higher vibrational energy of the higher self, into compatibility with a low vibrational spectrum of a oppositional positive/negative pole energetic state, which is necessary to establish the initial base line position of self-awareness through its separational effect.

The differential energetic movements within the positive and negative pole creational structure, creates the energetic tension within the individuals operating in vibrational compatibility with the oppositional pole structure, and can be observed within the mirroring effect of the conscious reality sphere as themed dualism.

The balance or harmony point positioned within the energetic interface between both oppositional poles ,is the non-vibrational landmark or stillness, in which the lower self holds the ability for movement away from and back towards. This is the movements in energy which support vibrational descent and vibrational ascent, within the positive pole and negative pole energetic creational structure. In regards to the ascension of the lower self into the higher energy format of its higher self, the desire for dualism must be resolved for the desire for unity and unlimited high intelligence creational thought expansion.

The creation of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, in its unimaginably diverse and perceptually unlimited individualizations of self-awareness, is allowed the ability for creational manifestation within desired intelligence fields and can only be limited in its movement through limitation of its perception.

The creation of the lower conscious is a manifestation of the desire for the exploration into artificial intelligence fields. The opportunity to explore consciousness fields for involvement through creational input, is the desire of the higher self for the resolvement of the source of the desire for the experience of separation. The source of the desire is internally influenced, externally influenced or a combination of both points of influence.

The resolvement is required for the vibrational ascension of the lower self into vibrational compatibility with its higher vibrational energy bodies. The replacement of energy into a unified state from its displacement for created tension to support the self-aware vibratory consciousness within the dualistic perspective, is within the directional movement for the correction of misalignment towards the higher self energy channel.

The role of the artificial human for which the lessons of separation and the pursuit of artificial thought can be experienced, hold the potential for effective resolvement of energetically attached emotional fear, which is the underlining higher purpose for the ability of free will through the support of higher vibrational energy.

The polarization or pole effect of vibrational energies can be observed within the duality consciousness through the concepts of good and evil or positive and negative energies personalized within the victim/aggressor approach as villains, victims and heroes.

These held perceptions allowed continuation and development are in the directional movement of the energetic misalignment of the lower self operating within a restricted awareness. The inability of the lower self to remove negative energetic barriers, creating resistance within the higher self energy channel, will continue to perceive its reality from the perspective of fear separation which is espoused within the artificial human reality.

This perception is dependent upon the severity of negative energetic barriers creating resistance which coincides with the ability of sensory perception of the lower self. The inability to receive information/guidance from the access into high vibrational thought fields, to correct through realigned thought, the negative influence of artificial thought reference frames, will hold the lower sphere of awareness within the vibrational influence of artificial thought.

The lower self through the realization of the value of experience within the lessons of separation, through the artificial human perspective, will hold the potential of ability to experience creation in vibrational movement with its higher self.

The human housing which holds the lower energies within its set designed center seat of perspective for the human reality experience, holds the potential for higher vibrational operations within the human experience.

The human housing is reflective of the vibrational energy movements, through the increase and decrease of vibrational rates of the intentions of the lower self, allowed within the vibrational spectrum of a set design creation. The lower self can ascend in vibration within the same continued reality experience of its human life.

This is vibrational ascension within the human spectrum which allows the energetical expansion of the sensory abilities of the lower conscious, and can be observed within the biological/energy enhancement of the human housing.

The artificial human experience, which is supported through dualism, can be transcended into a higher vibrational reality experience. The loss of desire for dualistic themes within reality experiences is within the initial vibrational movement towards high intelligence consciousness field access.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the lower self into directional alignment towards their higher self, are required to transcend the desire/cause and effect of the pursuit of artificial thought through the energetic misalignment of the perspective of the lower self.

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