Remote Influencing War And Peace

Remote Influencing War And Peace

Remote influencing war and peace within the human condition, motivated through the desire for fear resolvement exists within the perception of the duality consciousness. Within the dualistic approach many avenues, personalized through the individual perception, are travelled with the end collective goal of the individual experience of the lessons of separation to comprise a composite into the collective reality experience. The subconsciously motivated desire for the resolvement of the fear of separation drives the lower conscious into participation within the physical plane for the opportunity of fear resolvement through the perception of logical attempts. The fear of separation, an energetic by-product of the formation of the lower self, which through its vibrational position into lower frequency bandwidths of conscious experience, is seated within the perceived automation of the reality experience of the human being. In order for the perception of automation to operate, as the overriding influence within thought movements, initiated through the processing abilities of the individual perception, the awareness of a believable reality apart from the perception of the human being as the only reality must be hidden from the awareness. This action is achieved within the entry and participation of the higher self as it energizes creational codes within a consciousness field through its high vibrational sentient connection.

The ability of the higher self to explore thought/energy consciousness fields operating within a lower vibrational spectrum of conscious activities, in relation to its higher vibrational center seat of perspective, is through the desire for the reality experience, which generates a vibrational lowering of the participating unit of vibrational energy of the higher self. The vibrational lowering is required for vibrational compatibility for the desired experience within a consciousness field, this is in essence the ability of remote influencing as to experience a desired experience within full conscious reality perception, the observer has to become synchronized in a vibrational allowance to hold the ability to perceive reality from the desired perspective.

The energizing of creational codes within an interacting consciousness field through the donated unit of high vibrational energy of the higher self is the formation of the lower self. The lower self through its vibrational position of sympathetic resonance with a low vibrational thought field, operates within restrictions or the perception of limitations through its perspective of awareness.

The lower extension of the higher conscious, through its inability of awareness within the contracted sphere of its observation, generates the perception of distance or the sense of unfamiliarity towards its perception of the reality of its higher self.

From this position of reality observation the influence of the duality consciousness will leave the lower conscious with the perception of participation within the duality consciousness for its reality experience or non-participation through the unacceptance of duality without the awareness of another choice.

This is the collective perception within its human condition, influenced and supported by the duality consciousness of life or death of the human being. The dualistic approach of the idea of suffering and oppression is influenced as normalities and necessities for the human experience. The vibrational movements of the human spectrum, is a powerful driving mechanism which can be observed within the oppositional approach of the interaction and reaction of individuals and consensual groupings within the collective reality experience. The dualistic approach towards resolvement of conflicts is expressed within the human collective through the dualistic or oppositional positions of opposing or differential movements of intention which results can surface into concepts such as the necessity for war to achieve peace.

The ability of the duality consciousness for remote influencing oppositional or differential movements within the perception of singularity of intention or movement such as its artificial belief of the similarity or association of war and peace, is through its accessibility of entry into the collective belief system of humanity. Its ability for remote influencing the value and importance of dualism for the greater good for the collective human development, is achieved through the vibrational positioning of the lower conscious which is in a degree of vibrational sympathy with the duality consciousness, for its ability to exist within the perception of the consciousness of duality.

The ability for remote influencing desired thought movements towards objects for the desired influence, is effective in its application in reflection to the acceptance or ability and desire for reception of the objects for desired influence. The acceptance or ability and desire for reception, is dependent upon the vibrational position of the lower conscious within the allowable spectrum of vibrational compatibility. This movement generates the desire for acceptance in reflection to its vibrational position within the vibrational spectrum.

The desire for acceptance through the energetic movement for vibrational compatibility, towards the external source which is attempting remote influencing, is through the desire of the lower self for the experience, motivated through its value of the experience by its perception of the experience.

Within the movement of vibrational compatibility with a duality consciousness, the lower self through its desire for the experience of duality, is motivated into the experience through its attempts of the resolution of conflicts within its inner awareness or subconscious mental states. The attraction of the experience of dualism, which generates its associations to opposites and conflicts, is the subconscious desire to resolve conflicts and misconceptions within the subconscious activities of the lower conscious. Unresolved conflicts held within the subconscious are motivated into the consciousness of the individual, for the opportunity for relief of the sense of conflict through its resolution attempt within the conscious reality of the lower self.

The lower self without the access of solutions for conflict resolvement, through its unawareness created through its contractive state of its sphere of awareness, is through its inaccessibility to remote view and remote influence thought fields operating above the vibrational rate of the duality consciousness. It is therefore motivated to resolve its internal conflicts through its only perception of reality via its conscious participation within the physical plane. The easy acceptance of remote influencing attempts for compatibility within the consensual perception for conflict resolvement through the presented solutions, falls into the resolvement of the fear of separation, which is the implanted seed within the subconscious and or conscious of an individual expression of reality.

The fear of separation generated through the perception of the lower self as a sense of disconnection or emptiness through its inability to relocate the origin of the fear influence, develops within the oppositional structure of the duality consciousness as the fear of the unknown. The fear of the unknown is generated and established through the restricted awareness and intensified via the observation and interaction with external beings through the limited perception. The limited perception restricts the ability of the individual to detect and identify the directional movements or intention of the external interacting being towards itself.

The urgency created within the subconscious and or conscious mental states within an individual, for the detection and identification of potential external influence, is generated through the anxiety or anticipation of the individual to familiarize with the external interaction, or to place within a category to create a sense of relief from the fear of the unknown, which has intensified through the allowance of movement within the consciousness of the lower self.

The sense of relief of the fear of the unknown is temporary as the origins of the fear influence positioned within the individual belief system have not been properly solved. The common denominator or the consensual mass thought movement within the collective thought/focus, is remote influencing within the collective reality through the dualistic perception towards the human activities of war and peace.

The concept for the necessity for the activity of war to achieve the perception of collective peace, is within the misalignment of logic of the designed intentions of artificial intelligence. The ability for remote influencing within the collective reality is achieved through the acceptability of the dualistic approach. This influence through continuation evolves into the perception of the dualistic approach as the only plausible perspective for reality.

The remote influencing of the belief of the relief of peace through the logic of war, is an inversion through the effect of polarization of the ideas to achieve collective peace into a compatible format or vehicle for movement within the dualistic approach. The acceptance of the remote influencing attempt for the justification of war for the opportunity for peace is achieved through vibrational sympathy within its themes of dualism.

The individual who has entered the duality consciousness is saturated in remote influencing attempts, for the plausibility of the employment of oppositional forces, to resolve conflict for the underlining goal of collective peace. The continuation of involvement within the thought interaction and reaction of external influence within the dualistic perception, further establishes the reality and justification of dualism.

This is achieved through the automation of the acceptability and collection of artificial thought reference frames themed in dualism. This movement allowed development will further impress within the belief system and create further distortions into the perception of the immovable logic or concreteness of believable reality. This in turn through the interconnectivity of the effect of the cause, further establishes low vibrational barriers or veils towards the awareness of the ability for vibrational ascension out of the duality consciousness, into a higher vibrational thought reality experience.

The current perception within mass thought towards the concept of the necessity for war to achieve peace, is held within the heavy influence of dualism, which is accepted and allowed movement within the mass consciousness energy field. The collective conscious attempt for the resolvement of the fear of the unknown through the duality position, generates an inversion of proper discernment into the justifications of war to achieve peace.

Without the ability of the collective reality for remote influencing thought/desire into manifested reality, from an approach in vibration above the low vibrational operations of dualism, the consensual vibrational position of mass thought will continue to remote influence and further impress within the collective belief structure, the necessity of war for the continuous pursuit of peace.

The individual regardless of awareness and acceptance of its ability to remote influence its reality and within degrees its consensual and collective realities is still remote influencing its reality. This action is achieved through the participation of the higher self, which has positioned its awareness into a consciousness field to experience a reality. The position of awareness of its lower seat of perspective which enables the higher self to perceive reality through the perception of its lower extension, allows the higher self the opportunity through its human experience, to evolve self-thought into beneficiary contributions towards the collective whole in which it is a member of.

The position of awareness into a lower vibrational seat of perspective creates a split in awareness into a secondary seat of perspective, in which the higher self holds the ability to simultaneously observe reality from both perspectives. This is also for the allowance, through free will to observe without influence, the lower reality within its automated state. This ability is required for the formation of thought movement of the lower conscious for its potential thought evolution, through its desire within its perceivable reality through its ability of free thought, which is expressed within the free will intention. This movement of awareness falls into degrees of the mental/perception state of all consciousness which involves the proper understanding and application of the ability for non-attachment.

The desires and beliefs of the lower conscious are reflected into its observable reality from the light/thought projection of its higher self. The higher self through its allowance of free will towards its lower self allows the lower self to remote influence its lower reality. The position of the lower self between the higher self projection of high vibrational light/thought energy and the non-vibratory creational matrix of a thought/energy consciousness field, generates its illusion of a dimensional existence, through the energetic by-product of differential movements of energy. The projection of light passing through the impression stage of the belief system of the lower self, is alikened to a light projector passing through a reel of images onto a screen, for the ability for observation through the reflection of light.

This activity for the subconscious or automated remote influencing of reality is what is termed as the reality feedback loop. For the ability of conscious participation with a reality experience within a low vibrational consciousness field, which requires through vibrational compatibility an operational restricted awareness for involvement, the automation of the reality feedback loop must be present and active. Within the automation of remote influencing reality the influence of presented themes within the set design expression of intention of an interacting consciousness field, will become the source for manifested reality of the participating self-aware vibratory consciousness.

The believability of the activity of war as the proper approach for the achievement of peace becomes familiar through consensual acceptance and is acted upon accordingly. For the lower self to hold the ability to lower the effect of the presented dualistic themes within its reality experience, the loss of desire for the dualistic experience must manifest within the awareness of their reality. The realization of the ineffectiveness of dualism to properly resolve the fear of separation and its personalized perceptions initiates the loss of the desire for dualism. The reciprocal movement of action results in the formation of the desire for the ability to resolve the fear of separation through a perspective removed from the dualistic approach.

The desire for the ability to experience reality through a higher conscience initiates the lower conscious into sphere expansion, which in turn enables the lower conscious to position in vibration its perspective within a higher vibrational format though the expansion of awareness of the ability to do so.

The ability to become aware of the participation within a duality consciousness can be observed within the physical plane, through the thought interaction and reaction of an individual towards its external encounters. The participation within a duality consciousness can be observed within the individuals’ reaction to its interaction with external encounters. The encounters that generate the reaction of opposition or the perception of conflict within the awareness and emotional body, are expressed by the individual through the duality consciousness.

The degrees or vibrational allowance within the duality consciousness of which the individual is participating with, can be observed in the severity of the polarization of external thought, through its oppositional approach within its reaction. The ability of an individual to remain emotionally non-attached within a remote influencing attempt towards the influence for participation into a duality perspective, is within degrees of vibrational ascension from out of the duality consciousness reality experience.

The ability to employ high intelligence discernment in the vibrational detection and disabling of the external influence, is in reflection to the vibrational position of the lower self, in regards to its vibrational distance or perception of non-attachment towards the external influence. The ability to remote influence reality from a higher vibration automatically generates, the position of awareness into the magnetic attraction of higher intelligence themes within its reality and the lowering of attraction, towards dualistic presented themes within the reality sphere.

For the lower self through its desire and reconfiguration of its belief system, the awareness of its powerful creational abilities for remote influencing reality will generate its movement into conscious control of its ability for remote influencing its thoughts and desires into a manifested reality experience. The effective resolvement of the experience and continued influence for the necessity of war, will require the ability of the lower self to consciously control its creational power of remote influencing and to progress towards the experience of peaceful themes within its reality experience.

The ability to remote influence peace within the individual and consensual reality sphere, is the ability for remote influencing reality from a higher vibrational position of awareness in which dualistic themes are unveiled to reveal their illogical approach. Within the expanded sphere of awareness the influence of war, its personalized oppositional effects for its influence of a believable reality and its necessity are distant and perceived through non-attachment which makes its influence void.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into a position of awareness in which, the opportunity to consciously control its remote influencing abilities are achieved, are effective and valuable. The conscious control of the ability for remote influencing is required for the effective removal of the consciousness of war from the reality experience and the establishment of peace for the individual reality, which is therefore influenced consensually and in turn collectively.

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