The Portal Of The Inner Sun

The Portal Of The Inner Sun

The portal of the inner sun operates as a gateway to the sentient connection in which the self-aware vibratory consciousness is energetically supported from. This doorway holds the opportunity for the ascension of the lower self through the desire to experience reality from its higher seat of perspective. The seemingly vast emptiness, which all potentialities, as the source of all manifestations of reality are experienced, is set in motion through the thought/energy focus of individual expressions of creational light. The thought desire which fuels the intention generates its movement into manifested reality, through the transfer of vibrational energy of the sentient thought focus, into the non-vibratory structure of the participating matrix which generates its effect of observable reality through the energizing of creational codes within the energy matrix. The thought energy focus, of a self-aware vibratory consciousness or personalized frequency, reconfigures its perception through consensual and collective influence, for the intention of compatibility for a degree of consensual participation within its collective reality. The ability of free will through internal or external influence governs the movements within the interacting consciousness field of the lower sphere of reality. For the ability of the lower self to experience conscious reality through the perspective of the human being, the lower self must operate within a vibrational lowering or dimming effect, towards its awareness of its creational light which is its inner sun, the energy source of its creation. The inversion of enlightenment is manifested into observable reality for the experience of duality through the human focus, within the continuality of its development, which generates the perception of reality of the separated human body through its sensory position for reality observation.

The concreteness of impression is motioned through the effect of the interacting consciousness fields’ obligatory vibrational influence initiated upon entry and continued participation within the interacting consciousness field. It establishes and maintains the depth of impression within the core of the belief system of the lower self through the action of vibrational sympathy through the desire and intention.

The separational effect in which the self-aware vibratory consciousness holds vibrational positioning for its reality experience, allows for the opportunity for the associative lessons of separation to form a desire within the lower conscious for high intelligence wisdom. This is required to assist the vibrational ascension of the lower reality sphere, into a higher vibrational seat of perspective with less severe themes of separation espoused within personalized reality situations.

The portal of the inner sun is positioned in vibration within the energetic interface, which operates as a division in awareness between the upper and lower energies within the individualization of creational light. The lower self through its human body or vibrational position for thought movement within a creational universe is its center seat of perspective which is the center of its universe.

From this position the lower conscious through its thought interaction within a consciousness field via its spectrum of vibrational activity can connect with any desired thought connection available within its awareness.

The portal of the inner sun is the entrance way within the return flow of the higher self, the higher vibrational energy body of which the lower self through the human vehicle is a creation of. The lower sphere of awareness operating within a low vibrational sympathetic pattern with a consciousness field, through its collective energy body supporting its self-awareness, will seat its perspective and perception through the only believable reality it has awareness of as the human being. The lower awareness through the human being acts as a middle point between the masculine form of creational intention which is expansive in nature and the feminine form as creational expression which naturally flows with the movements of contraction.

Without the ability of energetic contraction expressed through the feminine energies, the thought/desire/intention energetic motion of the masculine energy cannot express itself. The inability for manifested creational intent is presented, as it does not have a structure for activation and for the housing of its creational intention for observable manifestation.

The feminine housing, which holds in vibration the lower conscious within the human body, is through the unifying effect of oppositional poles of energy movements. The oppositional pole movements create contrast within the perception activity required for the effect of separation to espouse self-awareness. It is necessary for the observer to have a point of focus perceptually apart, from the boundaries of the perception of its being, to establish its perspective of self-awareness.

The feminine energies are contractive in nature for the housing of expression but within the housing pattern are expansive allowances, for the creative intent to move within its expansive flow, for proper development of the desired manifestation. The degree of creational ability in regards to desired manifestations, is dependent upon the perception abilities of the lower self, which in its enhanced state of operations would allow the awareness and applicability of the ability to remote influence desired thought into physical plane manifestation.

The ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness to observe reality is through the unifying energies of the masculine/feminine union. The feminine aspect of directional energy movements creates a structure or environment, through the activation of its creational codes via the vibrational energy of the sentient thought/focus. The activation of creational codes through sentient focus, for entry and participation within a consciousness field, generates the believable reality effect for continued involvement of the sentient being.

The energy matrix within a consciousness field flows within the movement of contraction of the feminine energies, as its separational effect of the separated human being is an act of influenced sphere contraction to hold the lower awareness within the human perspective through the contractive state. Until the desire for sphere expansion of the lower awareness can become motioned through its initial movement from the belief system through the emotional body.

The co-ordinational effect of an energy matrix allows the being or energy body of consciousness to participate within a valued experience through a perceptually believable reality. Without the co-ordinational effect of an energy matrix, creating the sensation of separated movements of interacting self-aware conscious beings and dimension, the desire for participation would not hold manifestation as the perception of the believable reality would not hold impression within the belief system. The necessity of participation through a value of importance can only manifest within the set design of a consciousness field through the desire of vibrational compatibility of a sentient being for the desire of participation.

The degree or severity of themes within situations presented into the reality sphere of the lower conscious, are dependent upon the initial collective or mass though/desire of a consciousness being of masculine intention, which manifests or attracts into its awareness an interacting feminine energetic expression of creational structure, in which the masculine intention can manifest into creational reality.

The desire for a creational reality experience of a masculine energy consciousness being is the movement or intention of creational light to its conversion of intended design of the creational expansion of the desired intention into its observable manifested reality.

The movement of creational light can be observed within the physical reality within the interaction with a feminine aspect of a consciousness field. The thought/desire/intention of the individualizations of creational light, which consist of the masculine/intention approach, are manifested within themes of reality scenes through the magnetic attraction of the individual and therefore collective desire.

The reflection of the masculine/feminine union can be observed within the human man/women union which allows the manifestation of human creation. The process of human creation is a micro reflection of the unifying energetic movements of the masculine intention and the feminine expression of the macro perspective of universe formation.

The process of creation involves a split in awareness or vibrational relocation of the upper energies into an extension which is usually a lowering in vibrational position. The lower conscious is manifested into awareness upon successful entry of the lower connection through the internal portal of the inner sun. The lowering effect is apart from the mobility of energetic movement of the sentient being through free thought for vibrational ascension. This motion flows within the vibrational movement of conscious expansion which is reflective of the position of awareness within the ascension spiral.

The masculine and feminine perspectives within the human approach are established and maintained within the movement of creational expansive light energy of the sentient focus, which can be held within the female or male human body or perspective. The term mankind has been stripped of its higher intentional meaning through the heavy influence of dualism,which encourages the energetic polarization of the intentions of the upper energies into an oppositional position for its alteration within the duality perspective.

The human male and the human female are a self-supporting creational division which requires the reunification of energies to fuel the desire to manifest creation. The division is heavily pronounced within the duality consciousness which further polarizes the separational effect through the differential movements of intention flowing within different pole movements.

The pure divine feminine energy supports the reality experience of the lower self, through its donation of a creational environment or various dimensional support activities which allow the self-vibratory consciousness to observe its thoughts and desires reflected onto its awareness through the reality situations presented.

The ability to manifest and enter the portal of the inner sun is also present and supported. This action flows within the energetic motion of the free will intention for the vibrational ascension into a higher vibrational position for the observation of reality .

The human body is an expression of the divine feminine energies as its purposeful intent is to house the vibratory energy of the higher self as it infuses its focus/energy into a consciousness field for its reality experience. Within the human reality experience the lowering effect of the soul energy for participation with the lower vibrational duality consciousness generates a restricted perception of the lower extension. From the vibrational position the perception is automatized as the lower conscious does not hold the capabilities for subconscious control through conscious removal of automation. The subconscious control involves thought activity from higher vibrational positions within the higher self energy channel towards the over influence of the higher self.

The entry into the portal of the inner sun reveals the higher vibrational energy channel of the higher self as the light of the inner sun manifests within the inner awareness of the lower self. The ability to strengthen and sustain awareness of the presence of the inner sun and to remote view and remote influence from this vibrational position can be observed within the physical reality of the lower self. It is viewed through the subconscious sensory abilities of sentient beings, which detect the manifested high vibrational energy generated through the entry into the portal of the inner sun of another sentient life form.

This sensory activity generates the charismatic effect in which the interacting sentient beings feel the sense of peace and calm of the individual and are subconsciously drawn to the high vibrational energies of the being in alignment through its access into its portal to its inner sun. The magnetic attraction is generated through the subconscious area of an individual. The higher self senses a high intelligence reference frame in which through its incorporation into its lower awareness, could resolve the fear of separation its lower awareness is experiencing. The opposite reaction to the above activity can occur through the emotional fear influence of the lower awareness as it reacts within the opposite vibrational movement.

Various reactions can manifest through a dualistic approach which is compatible for the vibrational housing of the fear energy. This energetic movement into oppositional polarization is the overriding influence of the lower sphere which holds its vibrational position or lowers it within degrees. This is temporary or through continued external influence of the impression of the reality experience continued through the polarization effect.

The unacceptance of the portal of the inner sun within a lower self is therefore, reflected in its reactionary movements within its interaction or encounter with a sentient being, which has reconnected through the portal and re-established its awareness of its inner sun. The high vibrational light of the sentient being, through its refraction of light onto the lower vibrational energy, can be subconsciously sensed by the other sentient life form.

The lower self through the human being is positioned as an interface between the masculine energy of the creational light which is represented within our creation as the sun. The feminine energies which house the masculine energetic intention are expressed within our creation as the earth.

Through the free will intention of the lower self its movements of awareness into a reality experience can only be limited through unawareness or lack of desire for the experience. The heavy focus upon matter within the collective reality is generated through the automation of the reality experience which subconsciously impresses its perception of solidity within the human perception of the lower conscious.

The lower self holds the potential through the free will application for vibrational descent into more extreme severities within the continuation of a themed experience, or vibrational ascension which holds the position of conscious operation above the level of the automation of the human perspective. The desire for control over the automated reality experience is the desire for self-control or what is termed self-empowerment. The desire for more control of the reality experience to reflect a more desirable experience apart from negative influences falls into the subconscious creational desire for the conscious ability of remote influencing.

The desire for conscious control of the ability to remote influence the reality experience, is the subconscious desire of the higher self for the vibrational movement of the lower self into the higher self reality, where creational control is commonplace through pure thought remote influencing abilities.

The desire for self-empowerment and the creational ability for remote viewing and remote influencing is supported and allowed development through the consciousness of personal responsibility. Only through the perspective of personal responsibility can the portal of the inner sun become manifest. Without the desire to consciously control the creational abilities, which through the lack of desire and the magnetic attraction , the portal of the inner sun cannot surface into the awareness of the lower self.

The portal of the inner sun is always present and available to the lower self through its sentient connection to the upper energy/reality. The desire for reconnection to the creational light of the inner sun, generates its movement into the awareness of the lower self, for the opportunity to locate and enter the portal of the inner sun. The desire to experience creation through higher vibrational positions of awareness, within the higher self energy connection, will reveal the inner sun the creational light of the lower self.

The desire to experience reality from a higher perspective falls into the ability for high intelligence remote viewing and remote influencing. The ability of the lower self to position its awareness above the vibrational rate, which generates automation through the vibrational influence of the human thought program, will require its conscious position into the subconscious and unconscious mental states.

The ability to remain aware within the subconscious and unconscious mental states will reveal through the desire the portal of the inner sun and its opportunity for entry into a higher vibrational seat of perspective. The ability of the lower self to unlock the portal of the inner sun and to remote view and remote influence reality from this higher vibrational perspective, will be observed within their waking reality as a directional movement towards observation of reality. This ability is held from a position of a higher intelligence perception.

While the individual is attempting location and entry into the portal of the inner sun, through conscious participation within the theta and delta regions of the mind, the desire for the awareness and sensation of the inner sun must be held. A tingling and or lifting sensation, flowing from the head of the body into its complete circulation of high vibrational energy, is the subconscious or mental location of the portal. The inner sun energy continues its flow throughout the energy bodies and into vibrational sensation of the physical body.

It is common for mental images of a bright light, instances of complete mental whiteout and the sensation of golden light energy, which is associative within its meaning of color towards vibrational ascension. The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual into the position of awareness and ability for entry into the portal of the inner sun, are highly effective for manifesting positive, higher perspective themes within the reality experience of the self-aware vibratory consciousness.

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The Portal Of The Sun

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