Remote Viewing And The Ocean Of Consciousness

remote vewing and the ocean Of Consciousness

The ability of remote viewing within the ocean of consciousness, desired thought/data through the non-physical mental state for physical plane application, is an innate ability within the self-aware vibratory consciousness. The ability to consciously control this mental activity from its automated movement within the subconscious, to the lower sphere of awareness, is dependent upon the ability of the lower self to become aware of its process and application. The ability of choice within the multitude of available selections, to be experienced within a creational reality, is the underlining intention for the formation of the self-aware vibratory consciousness. The thought/desire energetic movement set into directional motion through intention, powers the lower conscious into a myriad of possibilities, as its free will and emotional desire determine its thought movement into physical plane movement. Without the proper understanding of the inner processes of the projection of light into its reflection of physical plane reality, the lower self manoeuvres through its human perspective viewing an automation of its potential for remote viewing and remote influencing. Within the ocean of consciousness mankind exists and experiences reality as a collective conscious being through its individualizations of vibrational light/energy.

Within the collective whole the vibrational spectrum of a sub-consciousness field, operating within a vibrational distinction which determines its location within the complete mind or over sphere, governs the themes and experiences within its intelligence programs to espouse thought and intention to reflect its consistent rate of vibrational activity.

The general concept in which these themes and reality experiences are presented within an interacting consciousness field, for the opportunity of transcendence into a higher frequency bandwidth of conscious operation is the intention of the higher self towards its active lower conscious.

The human experience is the only perceptually concrete reality of the lower self as it enters into the physical plane of the earth matrix and becomes aware of its human perspective. The lower self whom operates within a minor degree of movement within its vibrational sympathy with its interacting consciousness field, will hold a high probability of espousing the set designed programmed themes of the interacting consciousness field.

The saturation of influence coming forth into, the collective surface of awareness of the individualizations of light/energy with its collective whole, holds the separations of light within the vibrational spectrum of the interacting consciousness field.

The heavy influence projected out from the thought/intelligence operations of a consciousness field, for its programmed intention of set designed themes within its reality experience, is necessary for the lower self to fully experience through its sensory and perception abilities its presented creational experience.

The ability of the lower self to choose its directional thought movements within its holographic reality from its desired intention is reactionary or evolutionary and is dependent upon the rate of constant vibration, which governs range of perception through sphere contraction and expansion, through its accessibility within the ocean of consciousness.

Reactionary thought tends to fall into degrees of constrictions through contraction of the reality sphere evolutionary thought tends to fall into sphere expansion, through the coinciding expansion of perception and complete enhancement of physical and non-physical application sensory abilities.

The awareness of the ability for remote viewing cannot be fully appreciated without proper understanding of the creational power of free thought and free will. The ability to choose a different directional thought/vibrational movement void of negative energy influence, which tends to impress limiting factors within the belief system, is within the upward vibrational movement of consciousness expansion and the capability for remote viewing pure thought/energy intelligence fields.

Remote viewing is commonplace within the physical earth plane, as what is remote viewed through the thought/focus of the lower self is what is reflected into the awareness of the lower self, emerged within the attracted themes and situations of the interacting consciousness field.

The illusionary effect of solid matter through the light/energy of condensed low vibrational light/energy is applied within the co-ordinational reality experience of the earth matrix. The earth matrix generates its illusionary effect, void of the full focus thought/manifestation ability of the self-aware vibratory consciousness, interacting within the intelligence program of the participating matrix.

The unawareness of the internal impression stage, within the subconscious region of the lower conscious, governing the themes and desires within the reality experience, is the unawareness of the innate co-creational ability of remote viewing.

The lower self through the ability of free will holds the potential within the sensory holographic reality, for remote viewing perceptually foreign thought/intelligence fields, for desired manifested experience within their physical plane applications of intention.

The capability of the lower conscious for communication with areas of the mind operating, outside the thought/focus within the physical plane and consequence manifestations, is within the context of what is termed as awakening.

The awakening of the lower self from its restricted lower conscious is the initial sensory observation of perceptually foreign thought, apart from the perspective of the separated human reality experience, influencing the lower self into the human perception through the human perspective.

The lower self fully emerged within the human perspective with limited held understanding of its non-physical reality, is generated through the saturation of influence from the reality supporting intelligence programs of the activated energy matrix within an interacting consciousness field.

Themed limitations within held distorted thought reference frames, positioned within the belief system of the lower self, are established within mass thought/focus through the heavy influence of the human thought program within the earth matrix.

This influence within the functionality of its non-vibrational intelligence structure holds the lower self in perception with the separated human reality, through the lower selves’ position within its observable reality, which is through the sensory applications within the human perspective.

The lower self through held restrictions within the human perspective, that does not hold the ability for remote viewing perceived foreign thought fields within the vast ocean of consciousness, will remote view an automatic reactionary reality experience through the human perspective and sensory perception.

Reactionary thought espoused within a low restricted vibratory consciousness, will reflect degrees of influence within the vibrational spectrum of the interacting consciousness field.

The sense of separation is intensified or diminished in relation to the rate of vibrational energy the lower self is operating within. The lower the rate of vibration within the energy bodies of the lower self, the greater the sense of separation.

The higher the rate of vibration within the energy bodies of the lower self the greater the diminishing effect of the sense of separation is experienced. The degree of the sense of separation will be reflected within the expansion and contraction movements within the vibrational sphere of reality.

The greater the expansion of the vibrational sphere of reality, the greater the accessibility and capability of the mind for remote viewing thought/intelligence fields, operating in vibrational frequencies outside the rate of vibration of the vibrational frequency of the earth matrix.

The ability of the lower conscious to remote view higher vibrational thought/energy fields, within the vast spectrum of the ocean of consciousness, will be dependent upon the consistent rate of vibration of the self-aware vibratory consciousness.

The ability of the lower self to remote view through enhanced sensory capabilities, high intelligence consciousness fields for physical plane application, is necessary to avoid undesirable situations within the reality sphere of the lower self.

The ability of the lower self to achieve vibrational ascension with its higher energy body, gives the lower self the opportunity to observe reality from the perspective of the higher self.

The perspective of the higher self is within the projection phase of the non-physical to physical reality feedback loop, which is observed within the self-aware vibratory consciousness, as the refection of the projection of light from the higher self as it energizes and animates thought programs within the artificial intelligence field of the earth matrix.

From this vibrational location within the mind of the lower self, intuition in the form of future events pertaining to the individual or collective realities, can be observed within the mental sphere of conscious activity of the lower self.

The ability of the lower self to operate within its sphere of awareness with a strengthened connection within its higher self energy connection, would allow access for the lower self to remain positioned within its center position/perspective while holding the ability to mental focus into the position/perspective of the higher self.

This would allow the lower self the ability to observe reality from both perspectives, for the mental application of pure contrast to perform the remote viewing ability of high intelligence discernment.

This communication between the higher self and its lower self generates a pure form of intuition in regards to the conscious activities of the lower self. The lower self will observe within its sphere of awareness, thoughts, situations and images through various points of thought/information, prior to the surfacing event into the awareness of the lower self.

The sense of deja-vu commonly experienced amongst individuals within their sphere of reality is created through a split in awareness of the lower self as it relocates its perspective to its higher selves’ position of reality, while holding its position within its lower vibrational reality.

The lower self thus perceives an event which is currently perceived or perceived prior to event as to which the lower self experiences a sense of familiarity or reoccurring experience, in which the lower self believes within a certain degree that it has previously experienced what it is perceptually currently experiencing.

The sense of deja-vu within the reality experience is within the same sense spectrum of what is experienced within the communication process between the higher self and the lower self. The sense of knowing manifested reality prior to its entry into the physical plane reality, or what is termed intuition is the remote viewing ability of relocation of perspective, to achieve information collection from thought consciousness fields accessible from the relocation of perspective.

The capability of the lower conscious for remote viewing data in relation to its individual or collective realities, within un-distorted energy connections, will create the opportunity for the ability of pure thought communication.

This in turn expands and sustains the sphere of awareness of the lower self as it establishes a sense of vibrational familiarity or energetic signature, through multiple access and communication, within the same vibrational location within the ocean of consciousness.

The ability of the lower self to hold foresight towards potentially undesirable situations before they appear within their physical reality and through the proper discernment of presented manifestations within the physical reality is available through the higher self energy connection.

Proper un-distorted communication coming into the awareness from the higher self would allow the lower self the ability to create a better reality experience for its individual and consensual reality.

The remote viewing and remote influencing techniques that guide the individual to communicate within an un-distorted channel towards the higher self, are valuable and effective for the ability for conscious involvement within the creational process of the reality experience.

This opportunity is generated through the increased and sustained vibrational rates the lower energy body can achieve, for the opportunity of remote viewing within the ocean of consciousness through the higher, intuitive perspective.

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