Remote Influencing The Bubble Of Reality

Remote Influencing The Bubble Of Reality

Everyday throughout our lives we are remote influencing by thought through our bubble of reality. They are our individual universes and are co-ordinated through the earth matrix. When our higher selves plug into this construct of pure information they project into this holographic world with the perception of a human being. This co-ordinational program gives the human characters a sense of history, time and space. It gives the illusion that we are interacting physically. In reality we are connecting by thought to the source of the projection. What we see in our waking world is a three dimensional sensory virtual reality program of unimaginable proportions. The individual universe of a human character exists to the limit of its peripheral vision and other human senses. Beyond this it is pure information that can be projected if the human connects to it.

This is accomplished through the reality feedback loop. The world that we perceive as real is projected to us by our higher selves.

The higher self knows in advance what its lower self will experience by decoding the information that the earth matrix has chosen for its lower part.

This informational structure decides what scenario it wants to see projected to the human character based on its previous thoughts about a situation and the beliefs that are embedded into their subconscious mind.

The human then has a degree of free will to react to these situations.

If the lower self operates at a low vibratory rate similar to this informational program it will have less free will.

This construct will then have the ability to influence the lower self.

It will entice the human character to focus its awareness on fear based themes and energize them.

This will allow these low vibrational scenarios to start manifesting into their reality.

This creates a vicious circle as the lower self will concentrate on them even more and they will energize and manifest even greater.

If the human character can connect to its higher self and increase its rate of vibrations it can then remote influence powerfully into its reality, as it has merged with the location of its source of projection.

We are given the perception of an individually separated world as a tool for learning and evolution.

It is a process of distillation for higher beings that can be trusted to manifest their reality by thought alone.

Through connecting with the higher self your desires will change into the desires of the higher part as you are returning to a higher perspective.

These desires will be more focussed on happiness, joy and unity as these thoughts are of a high vibratory energy.

All the bubbles of reality although individual spheres of operation are interconnected.

They are within a larger operational sphere or what is called global consciousness. This causes a ripple effect similar to throwing a stone into a pond.

What you think about will affect all other individual realities.

This is true even for individual spheres that do not interact through their holographic projections.

As the bubbles intersect through their projections it causes a larger ripple effect as their connections become more energized.

In order to experience a more beautiful and less fear based reality you will need to increase your vibratory rate.

Through making the connection to your higher self you will receive guidance and a high level of intuitive abilities.

You will have then climbed farther up the ladder of ascension away from the grip of the low vibrational earth matrix through its underworld influence, and towards your true source back to the One.

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