Remote Influencing For Effective Prayer
The Christos Path

Remote Influencing For Effective Prayer The Christos Path

Remote influencing through the energetic sequence of the Christos path creates the opportunity and ability for manifestation through effective prayer. The request for assistance must come forth through the desire for self-empowerment, and not from the perception of the victim consciousness. This perspective generates low vibrational energetic patterns through a weakened connection to the higher energies, and creates an unsuitable environment for effective remote influencing. An individual operating within a low vibrational energetic cycle, will not hold the ability to generate and sustain the level of vibratory energy required for manifestation. Distortions held within the belief system of an individual will create two distinct negative energy mechanisms of action. The projection and therefore manifestation of the negative beliefs held within the subconscious area of the individuals mind, and a weakened energetic defense against further outside negative thoughts and ideas. The negative energy mechanisms will hold a greater ability for entry into the belief system for further establishment.

This process allowed through the time/space perception creates acceleration within the negative energy cycle.This process will thus generate a greater potentiality of descent into the heavier darker energies, within the acceptance of the human spectrum.

Through the perspective of linear time and the interconnectedness of the lower selves operating within the physical plane, the distorted beliefs of the victim/aggressor roles have become deeply rooted within the mass consciousness energy field. This action creates a powerful negative influence.

These distortions must be resolved through transcendence, individually and therefore collectively to avoid energetic separation of the lower self from its higher self. This result would create severe alterations, within the morphic/thought field through its process of manifestation involving the point of focus.

This action can be observed if the conscious sphere within the individual or collective reality is operational, as extreme chaos or the perception of hell. The positive pole energy within the lower conscious extension could transform too rapidly through the interface of pole energies, into the lower frequency bandwidths of dark energy conscious operation.

This action would negate the counter balancing measures that are seeded within the flow of projection towrads physical plane manifestation. Severe imbalance through rapid, mass transformed energy within the energetic pole operations would create the high potential for alterations, within the creational code manifestation process.

Amplification and intensity would reflect in severity of the recoil effect. The duration of the effect would depend upon the weakening of energetic movement within the pole energies.

The result would depend upon the level of restrictions within the individual or collective perception/processing capacity, and ability within the brain/mind decoding process.

A lowered processing ability and decoding application would create a low probability of success within the remote influencing/effective prayer process.

The artificial thought program involving time/space perception within the earth matrix, is a very powerful tool through its efficiency within its operations. Through the process of formation of concreteness within the individual and collective subconscious, external stimuli will effectively distract the individual from the inner process of self-awareness.

The highly creative emotion of fear that is allowed entry and unhindered from proper function, creates the individual or collection to concentrate energy/focus on the clever, and seemingly plausible fear based stories. Their purpose is designed specifically for the individual or grouping for entrapment, through consensual themes with greater or lesser awareness within the mass consciousness energy field.

This causes the focussing point to concentrate its energy within the past and future scenarios of its human awareness. This action will create barriers for the focus on the now, which is the only true perspective within the falsehood of the time/space thought program.

Without the ability to focus on the now, the individual or collection is powerless for remote influencing effective prayer into formation. This will create a weakened defense towards the negative external influence for the purpose of belief establishment.

The mass consciousness thought field is heavily focussed within the heavy low vibrational patterns of fear within its current perception. It is powerless to ascend collectively out of the highly intelligent traps set by the dark energies of the underworld of thought.

The dark energies of the underworld hold greater remote influencing ability over the earth matrix, as the lower selves are collectively operating at a very low awareness of external negative influence. This causes the mass collective perspective to sympathize with the lower frequencies of operation. This therefore creates the high potential for the entry of distortions as misconceptions.

The powerful desire for assistance for upliftment of the individual out of the negative vibrational cycle, is the subconscious desire for resolvement set in motion from the higher self, to initiate the ascension of the lower self.

If the lower self cannot awaken to the true reality of its innate power, the desire is attracted to external influence most often in the disguise as genuine assistance. The external negative influence holds a high probability of hidden intention of energy collection from the potential energy source.

This role within the victim/aggressor perspective has been coined as energy vampirism. The only perceptual external assistance that can guide the individual or grouping to transcend the victim/aggressor scenario, must come forth with the pure intention generated from unconditional love.

This will allow pure guidance of the individual or grouping into self-empowerment, without restrictions or desire for energy collection towards the individual or grouping.

Within the law of abundance an equal value exchange of energy will ensure the return flow of energies into the higher levels for a return flow into the lower levels.

This creates equal empowerment of all focus involved and freedom of movement through free thought. This collective intention follows high intelligence, as these ideas flow harmoniously within the higher creative expansive energies, that create universes through pure thought.

Any movement against this flow creates conflict and distortions within viewpoints. These misaligned movements have their purpose as with everything involved in creation.

They are powerful lessons that through proper discernment of the experience, can bring forth the wisdom needed for reconnection to the higher levels for establishment of true alignment.

Remote influencing through proper techniques within the higher purpose, is only a different name for effective prayer if both techniques follow the Christos path.

Upon the awakening of the lower self from the creational dream and the strong desire for self-empowerment, the journey home can begin.

Without the strengthening of connection to the higher self and access to the higher intelligences, many traps already set in place will create a high probability for enslavement.

The desire for peace, love and harmony for all of creation generates the magnetism for attraction of high vibrational beings.

These higher energy beings will guide through allowance the lower self safely through the pitfalls as misconceptions, of the dark energies of the underworld.

As the lower self desires and initiates movement towards resolvement of the fear of separation, the awakened lower self must correct the perspective of its point of view.

This correction must follow the proper sequence of energetic flow of reality as the One flowing into the many, instead of the many separated from the One seeking reconnection.

The energetic flow of the One flowing into the many has been termed in ancient time perception as the Christos path, and is vital understanding for the purpose of ascension.

For the lower self that has awakened and has been contacted by high vibrational beings in the form of the higher self or otherwise, pure guidance through acceptance will allow the lower self every tool necessary to ascend from the negative cycle, into the higher levels.

The remote influencing techniques that allow the lower self access into the belief system, to de-energize negative belief patterns and to reprogram this area with positive, harmonious attributes are vital to the ascension process.

The point of view and flow of sequence of the Christos path from the One into the many, will have to be established for remote influencing effective prayer.

The removal of the victim/aggressor perception will allow the assistance required through the remote influencing effective prayer process. This will initiate the ascension process of the lower self into the higher frequency bandwidths of operation, towards the pure thought awareness of the Unself.

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