The Portal Of The Sun

The Portal Of The Sun

The portal of the sun is a gateway to an extreme source of high vibrational energy. To merge thoughts and desires with this source is a powerful remote influencing technique for manifestation. This star that illuminates our planet; that gives us life has been revered by the many. It has been incorporated into many spiritual and religious practices. The reason for holding this star in such high regard is obvious, as without it life would cease to exist. There are hidden reasons as to why the sun has been the focus of worship amongst religious and spiritual factions, and among the secret mystery schools.

The ancient Egyptians worshipped it as the god Ra, and would practice meditation in its presence.

It was known to the ones educated in such circles of thought that to enter its gateway and utilize its energy was a powerful manifestation technique.

In other mythologies the sun was interpreted as the projection of the father as his son.

The earth was the projection of the mother as her daughter.

The father projects his thoughts onto the mother and she reflects his thoughts back onto him as creation. The moon was a symbol of this reflective process.

Through the ages few have realized that the sun is an entrance to higher realms.

It is an opening to the high vibrational ladder of creation, and for the ascension to the One.

This gateway can also be accessed to manifest powerfully onto our creation.

This potent source of vibrational energy when married with thought will project ones desires quickly into their reality.

As everything we experience in our world is but a reflection from the inner mind, so too is the sun.

This star that we see in the sky is a projection from the inner sun, the light of the One.

To access this portal you need to bring the conscious mind into the realm of the subconscious and deeper, to the source of its projection.

In order to escape the illusion of our reality you will need to separate your awareness away from what generates it, the beta mind.

The brains electrical wave patterns must be quieted to allow the deep region of the subconscious to reveal itself.

You will need to cross through the portal of delta to access the portal of the sun.

A key technique for manifestation is to learn how to connect to the source that you want to remote influence.

If it is a person, you will need to sense that you are that person, through their movements, and visualize what they see through their eyes.

I must add a warning here, this is to be used for healing purposes to better the life of someone, and to better our creation.

If your desires are of a destructive nature, the universal mind in the best case scenario will make void the request, if repeatedly provoked may respond in a more dramatic fashion to teach you a lesson.

In the case of connecting to the portal of the sun, you are utilizing its energy to manifest.

To connect to this portal visualize the rays of the sun beaming down on you, through the eye of the mind.

You will need to increase your vibrational rate of energy to synchronize to that of the sun, to enter through the gateway.

To practice the techniques in the presence of the projection will help speed up the process.

You will know you have made the connection when you sense a golden light and its high vibrational energy, that will flow through your being.

Once in its core, visualize your desires as if they have already happened and experience it through all of your human senses.

It is also important to connect to the energy of the emotions that are generated by the realization that what you desire has already been projected into your reality.

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