The Portal Of Nature And The Vibrational Ladder Of Energy

The Portal Of Nature

The portal of nature is a gateway to the higher intelligence it is a ladder for high vibrational energy. It operates at a much higher rate than that of mankind. It is all around us yet many are unaware of its true purpose. Through its doorway you will have access to higher worlds and powerful remote influencing abilities. Through matching its rate of vibrations and surpassing it, you will ascend above the operations of the earth matrix and its controlling grip.

Since the Adamic beings descent from its original state as a direct image of the One, it operates at a much lower rate than nature.

Mankind through its source of projection, the Adamic being has the built in ability to increase its rate of vibrations to much higher levels.

This high source of energy is a gift given to us for this ascension process.

Until mankind can be trusted to manifest all of its reality by thought alone we must remain at our low level of operations.

Only the ones among us who can develop a higher state of conscience will be allowed access to these higher worlds.

Through connecting with this extremely high energy source you can receive guidance and knowledge to develop the pure conscience.

This thought construct that we interact with was designed to impose to mankind negative and undesirable situations.

The purpose for this is for us to slowly lose our taste for these destructive tendencies and desire more evolutionary themes.

Nature through our planet earth has incorporated this level of matrix into her projection for this learning purpose.

It has always served as an energy source and a lesson for mankind for unconditional love.

We have created a tendency for aggressively controlling her dominion through our lack of understanding and disconnection.

Through our insatiable appetite for progress we are in danger of severing this connection completely.

Through increasing our light energy we can gain access to the higher level of intelligence and through this connection restore our balance.

The earth matrix was programmed to keep as many of us at its level.

It is the gatekeeper and will only let the ones with the high vibrational key through.

It is very creative at keeping us operating at a very low level. It uses fear based stories and the validation of egotistical desires for separation.

Since most of mankind is vibrating at its level, it easily implants its mistruths and deceptions into the minds of many.

This is a receptacle process, as our taste for destruction has evolved this matrix to have a perceptual life of its own.

It encourages the ideas of exercising complete control over nature as it plays off of our fear of the unknown.

The techniques of remote influencing that teach you to quiet the human brain are extremely valuable to connect to this portal.

It will allow access to its source of projection as it will lift the veil of our illusional world.

To gain entry to this gateway you will need to go through the delta realm and connect to your unity point, your centre of energy.

From here you can connect to the unity point of the earth and through increasing your vibratory rate of energy access the nature portal.

Through this point of high frequency you can climb the vibrational ladder of energy to higher levels of creation and the higher intelligence.

When first using these techniques try to find an old tree as they carry much wisdom. After practicing the techniques you will recognize its vibratory signature and be able to connect through your thoughts alone.

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