The Portal Of The Earth And The Unity Point

The Portal Of The Earth And The Unity Point

The portal of the earth through its unity point is a gateway to a high vibrational energy source. Through its access you can remote influence your thoughts into your reality powerfully. It can also be utilized to increase your vibratory energy to gain access to higher worlds. Our planet is a direct projection of the original divine mother, the source of all creations. Mankind was designed with the built in ability through its higher self to ascend back to its original level. Through climbing the ladder of high vibrations of the source of all creations, we can regain our creational abilities.

As the Adamic being fell from its high level as a direct image of the One, its desire is to lift its self from the lowly depths and climb back up to the level of its source.

Although our planet provides us with the scenery for the learning tool the earth matrix, it also holds the key to ascension back to higher levels of creation.

This thought construct that our higher selves plug into provides the program of the human being.

These are the characters that the higher lights animate in order to learn through the game of separation.

The human projections operate at a low level of vibrations. This is a middle point between the higher lights and the non-vibratory earth matrix.

This construct of pure information is needed to co-ordinate the individual realities of the human characters and to provide the scenarios and plots in order for them to evolve.

The goal for all of us is to reconnect to our higher selves by matching to its high rate of energy.

If this connection were to happen the two synchronized rates of vibrations would merge and create an even much higher level.

This would allow the lower self to powerfully remote influence the higher self. The desires of the lower part would manifest effectively into their reality.

Through this high connection the desires of the lower self would change into the desires of the higher parts.

You cannot bring destructive desires to a higher level. These negative thoughts generate low vibrations and you and your higher light will not synchronize.

By expressing these low level wants you will remain at the level of the earth matrix and it will have more ability to remote influence you.

Its specialty is fear based themes and misconceptions and will try to entice you with these ideas.

In order for you to access the earth portal you will need to first connect to your unity point.

This is the point of frequency that connects all of mankind to its source of projection. It is within the higher levels of the Adamic being.

Through this point you can connect to the unity point of the earth and enter the portal to higher creations.

At this level you can powerfully manifest your desires into your reality.

To connect to your unity point you will need to quiet the electrical vibrations of the brain.

The mind and the brain work inversely together, as one increases the other decreases.

To connect to the deep levels of your inner mind you will need to enter through the delta portal.

As you increase your vibratory energy you will locate this point and then can connect to the unity point of the earth.

From here you will have access to a high source of energy to remote influence your reality.

You will also have the ability to connect to higher creations as this frequency point of the earth connects it to other worlds.

Once you have entered the core of our creation you will feel its strong magnetic field throughout your being.

To manifest your desires into your reality sense the event you want as already happened through the eye of the mind.

Use the human senses to shape the mental picture, visualize it and imagine touching what you are manifesting. This technique will allow you to make a strong connection as you will be connecting to the source of the projection.

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