Thought, Fear And The Belief System

Thought Fear And The Belief System

We learn in this creation through our thought and the earth matrix. It was designed to impose fear into our belief system, so our conscience could evolve. It operates through influencing negative based scenarios into our reality. We learn by our reactions to these situations through free will. This construct of pure intelligence creates our reality. As our higher selves plug into this matrix with their vibratory light they energize the human thought programs, and they come alive.

Through its incorporation with the earth the scenery is provided for our playing field.

The lower selves that play the human characters come into this creation with limited awareness of what they truly are.

This is needed in order to take the lessons seriously.

This learning tool has within its memory banks a multitude of creative stories to choose from for the characters to experience.

The human characters operate in this creation at a low vibration.

This is needed as it is a safety mechanism so the characters do not manifest every desire they have into their reality.

As these destructive desires effectively projected would destroy our worlds constantly.

The role of this matrix is to impose negative situations to us that we did not think of.

The reason for this is for the human characters to slowly desire to not want to experience these negative themes anymore.

Only the lower selves that have developed a higher conscience and no longer desire these scenarios can be allowed to project into a higher level matrix.

Where they could be gifted full creational abilities to remote influence their desires into their reality powerfully.

The most potent tool of the earth matrix is mass consciousness.

It is its most prized vehicle for fear and ideas of separation.

As the human characters come into this creation with low awareness of their origin and are oblivious to the rules of the game, ideas about themselves and their world are easily implanted.

This construct that creates our reality can only become animated by the higher lights, and desires to keep them at its level.

How the earth matrix is effective at trapping the higher lights is by influencing the belief system of the lower selves.

As the human characters are exposed to more and more negative situations it moulds their views of themselves and their world.

They then start to hold these ideas as their own and accept them as their only reality.

As it injects fear and similar themes onto the lower selves these thoughts become embedded into their subconscious.

Any idea that is implanted at this level of mind becomes a part of their belief system.

All of our reality is projected by our higher self through the subconscious.

As its vibratory light shines through this area the thoughts become projected into our world.

It is like a movie projector whatever is on the reel as the light shines through is what you will see on the screen.

These ideas we have are then blended with the scenarios that the earth matrix has chosen for that individual.

It gives us the illusion of interacting on a physical plane by co-ordinating individual realities.

Groupings of realities that hold the same beliefs will experience similar themes and validate each of their realities.

The earth matrix plays both sides of the fence as it tries to coral as many high lights as it can to energize its structure.

It will give you stories that will create separation of mankind and fear of the unknown.

As the human entities try to escape from these scenarios they fall into its other creative traps.

It has created religious and misconceptual spiritual mass consciousness movements that preach love and unity but end up creating division and spiritual elitism.

It will always try to hide from you that the ultimate power of your divine source is within you and at any time you can rise up from its grip.

All of our thoughts and beliefs we hold in our highly energized subconscious will eventually project into our reality.

When we see these ideas we have manifested into our world, it strengthens our belief system even more.

This creates a vicious circle and we experience more of these manifestations.

Once a thought has become embedded into the subconscious it is very difficult to remove.

It will keep influencing your reality until it can be de-energized. Analyzing these beliefs will only energize them even more.

You will have to bring your conscious awareness into the area where they are implanted and reprogram this area with positive beliefs.

This will remove your emotional attachment to these patterns and dismantle the manifestation process.

The remote influencing techniques that teach you to bring your awareness into this deep inner level are very effective for this task.

Through increasing your vibratory rate to synchronize to that of your higher self you can bring these fear based thoughts into the higher light, and make them void.

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