Thought And Energy

Thought And Energy

We all originate from the One mind, the infinite energy, the original thought. All of us carry within ourselves the ability to remote influence our reality. Within us is the ultimate power of creation, manifestation. The secret is to associate what you desire with a high vibratory rate. The beliefs you hold within your deep subconscious realm are what you see projected onto the screen of your life. This mysterious realm manifests very powerfully. The desires that you think about at the conscious level are not entirely what will become your reality. The beliefs that you hold at the deeper regions are remote influencing your world and are projecting into your everyday life.

Techniques involving positioning your awareness into this highly energized realm, will allow you to attach your desires to the high vibratory rate at this level.

This will allow you to remote influence what you want very effectively.

It will allow you to cleanse old belief patterns that you have accumulated throughout your life and replace them with what you desire.

This is why it is important for us to be very careful what we expose our children to.

In this early stage they have yet to develop their critical awareness and they are easily implanted with what they experience during this time.

This is where most of our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us originate from.

The rest of our lives are affected by these patterns.

Children mostly operate at the alpha and theta levels, this is why they are highly creative and have a great imagination, and easily believe.

The animal kingdom operates all of their lives at the alpha and theta levels, this is needed to learn and survive.

When a household pet can anticipate that their owner will be arriving home soon, what is happening is that they are remote viewing their owners arrival in advance.

By learning the techniques that teach you to operate at this level you can regain this high degree of intuition.

Although adult humans have a fully developed beta mind, as long as their brain is functioning properly, we throughout the day can slip into the alpha and theta states.

When we are focussed deeply on external stimuli such as television or we reflect on our thoughts we enter these areas.

When in these states of mind the critical beta filter can be bypassed and ideas and beliefs that are not our own can become implanted into the subconscious.

This region does not associate with the individual self it sees everything as one self.

A battle witnessed at this area is a battle lived.

Matter is a manifestation from the highly vibratory tools of creational abilities within the earth and nature.

What we see as matter in the universe is a manifestation of the universal mind, the earth is a subset of this mind.

Without this process we would cease to exist in this holographic reality.

We are all connected to nature through the subconscious, by reconnecting to this source through our consciousness we can tap into its high vibratory energy.

The techniques of cleansing this region of the mind and energizing the thoughts that you desire into new realities are extremely important.

We all possess the power to wipe the slate clean and start fresh and climb back up the ladder of ascension.

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