Remote Viewing The Universal Mind

Remote Viewing The Unversal Mind

Remote viewing in the deep theta state of mind is the only effective method to access data from the universal mind. One must position themselves on the ledge of the subconscious while remaining in the conscious awareness. You will need to avoid getting pulled into the powerful draw of the delta level, the realm of the unconscious mind. The universal mind operates outside of space and time; it projects these illusions onto our reality. It is pure information disguised as creation. Unless one draws from this source, the data that is remote viewed will be distorted or what is called mind noise.

It will overlap with information streaming in from the beta area through the alpha level.

This where the thought construct the earth matrix dwells, and has the ability to remote influence the mind.

The beta state is the level of the mind that pertains to our waking reality.

It is where the mind focuses on the external stimuli of our everyday lives and filters out most of the information from the deeper regions.

When one reflects on their own inner thought processes their mind automatically drifts towards the subconscious as the brains electrical wave patterns relax, this is the alpha state.

When one focuses on deeper levels of the mind the brain waves quiet down even more and one enters into theta.

This is the final level of the self, any farther and one loses the perception of the individual.

The delta state is when the self becomes everywhere and every when, time and space cease and the illusion dissolves.

When remote viewing this area you take on an active and passive role.

You first send out a request for the information you want to receive then you wait for the reply to come streaming in.

It will come to your awareness in a rapid succession of pure non-linear packet of data.

As you emerge from deep theta towards the alpha and beta level the brain then decodes further this information through the five senses.

The data will then form through the concepts viewed into visual imagery, sound, taste, touch and scent.

When remote viewing the delta region you will first encounter the universal mind of man or what is called the lower mind of Adam.

This is the level where the creation of mankind is projected from against the screen of the thought construct called the earth matrix.

This is the area where you can remote view global events, as this region is where the earth matrix projects our reality.

As you dive deeper into the mind of Adam you will enter the levels of the higher self.

The information received here will pertain to your reality.

The higher self is the source of the real light of the individual, as its lower self views the projection through the reflected light.

The vibratory particles of light that make up the higher selves are all subdivisions of the mind of Adam; it is part of its creational tools for mankind.

The source of projection of nature is of higher levels than the Adamic being and of mankind.

This is needed in order to co-ordinate such perfection and complexity.

Mankind was created by the Adamic being through the One at a low vibratory rate so it could learn through the earth matrix, which also operates at a low vibration.

This matrix is a learning tool and a filtering process for higher beings.

Although nature was created at a higher level than mankind it does not have the free will to choose its realities as do we, it does not have to.

It is us who were given the freedom of choice to sink to lower levels than we are, or climb back up the ladder of ascension.

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