Remote Viewing For Intuition

Remote Viewing For Intuition

Remote viewing the higher self is an effective method to access a high degree of intuition. It will allow you to accurately view future events pertaining to global consciousness and the individual bubble of reality. One must position their conscious mind at the window of deep theta, which will allow access to receive information from the higher intelligence. The deep delta region is where the source of all of our reality is projected from, the realm of the unconscious.

Our holographic world is projected into our individual realities from our higher selves, it is our true self.

We are vibratory particles of light and high intelligence; that plug in to this creation as its lower self, with restricted awareness.

What we see through our sensory perception is the reflection of this light.

Our vibratory light energy reflects off of the screen of the earth matrix and animates it.

The earth matrix is the thought construct that give us our scenarios and co-ordinates all of the individual realities.

It does this through the perception of time and space.

We are here to learn from this construct through cause and effect.

The lower self needs to project into this reality with limited awareness of what it truly is.

This is needed in order to take its human life seriously, without this there would not be an evolution process.

The matrix of the earth was designed to influence our realities by projecting to us its own thoughts.

Through the process of how our human mind operates we often personalize these thoughts so they are perceived as our own.

It moulds our belief systems with one of its most effective tools, mass consciousness.

Any idea that becomes a part of this vehicle will always become distorted, or if it has come from this construct itself is always heavily propragated.

To have original thoughts you will need to access the higher intelligence that is positioned above where the subconscious belief system operates, where the higher self originates.

This is where you will receive guidance.

The higher self-projects the reality that the lower self wants to experience.

This is done by decoding the information of the scenarios the earth matrix has chosen for the lower part, through the lower parts belief system.

What you believe about yourself and your world at the deep subconscious level is what you will experience through the scenarios of the earth matrix.

The lower self then has some degree of free will so it can react to these situations.

The earth matrix was designed to operate at a low vibration so that we cannot manifest our thoughts into our reality easily.

Until the lower self can be trusted with the responsibility to powerfully remote influence its desires into its creation, it will not be given this ability.

The earth matrix tries to keep as many high lights at its low vibratory level.

Since it can only become animated by their light energy, it has developed a survival instinct.

The higher light strongly desires for its lower self to awaken and reconnect to its higher level.

It cannot interfere until the connection is made and the ascension process to this higher level is initiated.

This is where remote viewing the higher light is important for intuition from the higher intelligence.

While positioning your awareness at the deep theta level you will have access to the information the higher self is decoding from the earth matrix. This allows you to see into your future.

Since it choses what you will experience through your belief systems, the farther you look into your future the more varied what you remote view will be.

If you remain operating within your current beliefs they will be more accurate. The information you are receiving in deep theta are probable futures.

To remote view global events you will need to access the universal mind of mankind, or what is called the lower mind of Adam.

This information comes from the region where global consciousness originates.

As the higher self is positioned at a deeper level, you will need to increase your vibratory rate of energy to go beyond where global events are remote viewed.

While at the deep theta level you send out a request for the information you would like to view then you wait for a reply.

You will know that the data is streaming in from the deeper realms as it will come to you in a rapid succession of non-linear data and will have a sense of knowing to it.

As you emerge from deep theta towards your waking reality through alpha then into beta, the brain will further decode the information.

It will take the conceptual data and form it through the human senses, into visual imagery, sounds, touch, taste and scent.

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