Remote Viewing And The Energy Vampires

Remote Viewing And The Energy Vampires

The remote viewing techniques that teach you to reconnect to your inner source are needed to avoid the trappings of what are called the energy vampires. Through reconnecting to your higher light you will receive a very high degree of intuition. This sense of knowing will be void of the dark influence of the mistruths that infect global consciousness. You will need to position your awareness at the deep theta level while focussing your attention towards the deeper realm of the subconscious. You will then have access to the higher intelligence and its guidance.

The earth matrix has many tools for deception to keep mankind spellbound within its creative and cunning stories. It was designed to project scenarios to us based on fear and similar themes to teach us through cause and effect to develop a higher conscience.

It will keep us at its low vibrational rate until the ones among us develop a high sense of knowing of what is right and what is wrong.

This can only be remote viewed from their inner source. It is a filtering process for high creational beings that can be allowed to manifest powerfully all of their creation.

Until this happens it will keep you in its grip. The remote viewing techniques that teach you to operate in the theta mind state while you remain in the waking state, are needed to check the validation of the information you are receiving. This technique is important to see the true intentions of the person you are conversing with.

One of its favourite weapons for keeping the many in its spell is religious and spiritual misconceptions through their mass consciousness movements.

As these teachings preach misleading concepts mixed with some relative truths to keep your focus energizing these structures. Since we live in a world of duality it plays off of the fear mankind has of the unknown, the dark.

As the many try to take their focus away from this fear they run blindly into these traps. Through seeking solitude from fear and separation they fall into the false comfort of mass consciousness. They think they are free from these notions yet remain imprisoned within walls they cannot see.

For the ones that focus on its stories of fear and destructive tendencies it will gladly give you more. For others it will blend these ideas with its dark humour to keep you in the middle ground where you will easily follow the status quo.

It is the dark mother of the energy vampires whose role is to sap as much energy as they can from the higher lights. The higher lights energize this matrix as they plug into it to learn and evolve through the game of light and shadows.

This construct through the repeated requests of man to experience melodramatic scenarios has evolved to develop a sense of sentience, a life of its own.

It tries to keep as many of the higher lights as it can within its grip so it can remain energized. It deceives many through its misconceptions and they unknowingly become its energy vampires.

It has many agents, most unaware of its true nature and become lured by their thirst for power and egotistical desires. They enter a figurative deal with the devil to receive their temporal rewards.

There are the relative few that do understand the true nature of reality and readily exploit the masses to use their energy for their egos insatiable appetite. They trade their true higher light for their materialistic desires.

If the lower self remains throughout its lifetime operating at a low vibratory rate similar to that of the earth matrix its higher self must project its lower part again back into this level. This is what we call reincarnation.

For the ones who discover the flaws of mass consciousness and seek to find another solution they usually fall into another trap. This is where this construct uses it highly creative and ever evolving creative intelligence.

They give us the fear based stories of conspiracy theories and likewise themes all with the purpose of keeping the higher lights energizing its structure.

Looking for solutions outside ourselves usually leads us farther from the truth. Many remote viewers who do not connect to their inner source receive distorted data from the global conscious and therefore unreliable intuition.

Most of the so called experts in our society are unaware that they are heavily manipulated by this matrix. By focussing your attention on any person or structure of thought that teaches you that the source of your power is outside of yourself, they are draining your energy. They are energy vampires and use your energy to manifest their powers.

If you have not developed your connection to your inner source so that you look to these mass consciousness movements to develop it you are giving your power to them. They use your power to keep their structures energized. This is a direct reflection of how the earth matrix operates.

If you focus your attention on a person or structure that unconditionally gives you the tools to connect to your inner source, focus on the message and not the messenger. This is a flaw of mankind and most times the message becomes distorted and loses its original purpose.

Through making the connection to your source you are finding your inner power. Through this connection to your higher light and learning how to remote view this higher intelligence, you will receive a high level of guidance. You will operate at a high vibratory rate of energy and sense who is operating at this level and who is not.

This ability is needed to avoid falling prey to energy vampires. By learning the techniques that teach you to reconnect to your inner source you can remote view your higher light. This will give you the high intuitive abilities to avoid the traps of the earth matrix and its agents.

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