Remote Viewing The Earth

Remote Viewing The Earth

You will need to connect through the human awareness to the global mind for remote viewing the earth. This source of projection of our planet exists within the universal mind; it is a subset of it. The source of projection for the human being is also within the universal mind it is called the universal mind of mankind or what is called the Adamic being. It is also a subset of the universal mind. Although the source of projection for the human characters that we animate are within the mind of Adam, the human being is a program that exists within the non-vibratory construct of the earth matrix. The human characters that we animate mainly operate with awareness above the subconscious mind. This is needed to give the perception of the individual separated self for the human beings to learn and evolve as they interact with each other. If we operated with our conscious awareness at the deeper subconscious levels we would naturally be telepathic. The reason we do not communicate with these abilities is due to the beta level of mind which is a part of the human program.

This state of mind is created within this program in order for the human characters to focus on external surroundings without the need to concentrate on the complex inner processes.

To remote view different locations throughout the earth or people and events you will need to connect to the global mind.

Through the global mind you can connect to any point of thought within the earth and view any information that pertains to this planetary reality.

In order to make a connection to this source for remote viewing purposes, you will need to bring your awareness below the beta level to the deeper subconscious realm.

Remote viewing information from the earth cannot be executed while operating at the beta level of mind as this area focuses awareness away from the deeper subconscious region.

Receiving information at the alpha level is possible although the data will be distorted as it will stream in from the deep delta region, but will also come in from the global consciousness of mankind.

This is how dreams are formed as you are blending conceptual data from the deep subconscious as well as the human reality of beta.

Dreams that occur while in the theta region will have more relevance than dreams that occur in the alpha area as your mind is positioned closer to the deeper levels of the subconscious.

The level of deep theta is the only effective area for remote viewing.

The deep theta region is the closest you can bring your human awareness without getting sucked into the unconscious realm of delta.

From this area you can connect to the global mind without interference and the information will be reliable.

To connect to different points of thought within the earth you send out a request for the information you want to receive and wait for a reply.

As you receive your request the data will come to you in a non-linear fashion it will have a sense of knowing to it or what is called a gut feeling.

The information within the deep subconscious realm is formed in a non-linear parallel fashion and the human brain will break down the data into a linear mode for the human awareness to view.

It will then form within the senses of touch, taste, scent, sounds and visual imagery.

All manifestations are a projection of thought within the different subdivisions of the universal mind.

Through connecting to the source of these projections you want to receive information from the gathering of this data will become natural as you master the techniques that teach you to remain aware in deep theta.

If remote viewing without a monitor to record the information you are receiving it is advised to use a voice activated recorder to document the data.

While in the theta area and have made the connection to the point of thought within the global mind of the earth, view the location, person or event from different perspectives.

This will form a more complete picture in the eye of the mind and the information about the subject you are remote viewing will be more accurate.

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