Remote Influencing The Higher Self

Remote Influencing The Higher Self

Remote influencing the higher self is a powerful technique for manifestation. Before you begin it is paramount to understand how reality is created and the flow of projection. It is not enough to create a better world for you to experience through positive thoughts alone. The realization of why you have been projected here and the nature of reality must be understood before you can be allowed to powerfully manifest and climb back up the ladder of ascension. The world that you experience, that you can touch, see, smell, hear and taste is an inner projection of thought viewed as an outer reflection. It is a visual sensory holographic movie that merges your beliefs within the multitude of scenarios created through the earth matrix.

What you truly believe about yourself that has been embedded into your subconscious will eventually become your reality.

The earth matrix operates on a very low vibration as a safety mechanism so that everything you think about does not quickly become your reality.

This will make remote influencing ineffective if you remain at its low vibratory rate.

This thought construct synchronizes the movements of the sun, the moon, the stars and anything you can think of to give us the illusion of coordinated time and space in order for us to believe it is real.

If you did not think it was real you would not take it seriously and there would not be a learning process.

The reason you have come into this low level of creation is to learn what to do by experiencing in the flesh negative situations and by becoming scarred by them so that you desire not to relive them.

This education is necessary as on higher levels where remote influencing is natural, destructive thoughts would constantly end creation.

The higher self as its lower self evolves from this learning tool and when it is ready can ascend to a higher matrix.

It only projects into a matrix as its lower part and experiences life through it, thus its strong desire for ascension.

This higher level of self decodes the information of the earth matrix and the scenarios it has selected through the thoughts and actions and relays this data into physical reality.

Due to your beliefs in a situation it gives you the reality you want to experience.

Through connecting to the higher intelligence you can then remote view probable future events that are likely to happen as the higher mind is choosing your reality through all the scenarios given by the earth matrix.

This is why remote viewing the higher self gives you heightened intuition.

If you explore the upper levels of the unconscious, you can view global events through the universal mind.

If you were to choose a theme based on fear, greed, hatred, egotistical desires or similar emotions you would vibrate at a very low level, and the earth matrix would remote influence you.

It will continue to feed you more of these stories as you energize them even more by focusing on them, where focus goes energy flows. This is a rule of creation.

If you decide upon a happy, joyful theme with unity and you focus your attention on this through the emotions attached to these thoughts, your energy vibrations will be much higher.

You will then have a greater ability to manifest your desires into reality.

A secret of remote influencing is to merge the thoughts you would like to see created with the emotion associated with them.

The higher the vibratory energy of the emotion the more effective the manifestation.

If you can visualize the event as already happened and to see it with the emotions it generates by utilizing all of your five senses, this will manifest it even faster.

The energy of nature operates at a very high level of vibration, through connecting with its source and its emotions you will also raise your level of energy.

This is a powerful manifestation technique.

Nature and the earth are not to be confused with the earth matrix.

Nature and the earth are portals for ascension, the earth matrix is a thought construct of low vibrations used as a learning tool.

Mankind as a whole was created with the potential to vibrate at higher levels than that of nature by first matching its rate then entering the portal.

Sadly in our history this happens on rare occasions as the majority of the human race remains focussed on mass consciousness and its fear based stories.

If you were to make the decision to reconnect to the higher self through the techniques of remote influencing and remote viewing, you would be the exception and new worlds would open up for you.

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