Ascension From Darkness The Game Of Duality

Ascension From Darkness The Game Of duality

There are two forms of thought in the game of duality. One of unification through the ascension to the higher self, and one of separation through the individual. The one desires unity back to its source, while the other desires to remain divided. It is the notion of love for the other and of fear of the other, light and darkness. As the desire to re-join is expressed it automatically creates its opposite pole. This is the fear of losing the identity of the individual, and the need to remain separated. These two opposite poles are within all of us. They are deeply embedded into the subconscious and played out in our creation as good and evil. It is our angels and demons, our higher self and our ego. The higher self sees the all playing the game of separation. The ego unaware of this idea, fears its death by dissolving back into the all.

This is the story of mankind, the story of creation. As the Adamic being made its descent into the lower levels, it lost its nakedness.

This is a representation of becoming human, and gaining a cover of skin.

This high being then separated its vibrational light into many parts, or what is called the higher selves.

The higher selves would then project into this creation as its lower self, what we call mankind.

It was then allowed to learn and evolve through all the individual parts, within the light and the darkness.

This is a very difficult school of learning, as we come in not knowing our true nature.

The key to the game is to awaken from the amnesia, and to climb back up the ladder of ascension.

The thought program was designed to give us our stories and to project scenarios to us that we have not created, it tries to keep as many of us at this low level.

It becomes animated, as the higher selves plug into it with their vibratory light.

It tries to instill fear into the hearts of mankind through its multitude of highly creative plots, and relishes in our egotistical desires.

The reason for this is for mankind to slowly desire to not want to experience negative situations anymore, and to want to create a better world for all of us.

It is the gatekeeper and it will not allow you to ascend until you have proven that you can be trusted with the responsibility of manifesting all of your thoughts into your reality.

This is where remote viewing and remote influencing the higher self is important.

Through receiving this high connection you will raise your vibrational energy to a higher level than that of the earth matrix.

It will allow you to receive higher intuition and guidance. This is essential to avoid the trappings of this thought construct.

You will then regain the ability to manifest a better world for you to experience.

We all have the power within us to lift ourselves out of the darkness and into the light.

All of us can ascend to higher creations or slide lower, down the pole of separation. Free will gives us the choice.

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