Global Ascension Through Conscience

Global Ascension Through Conscience

The goal of global ascension can only be achieved through a high level of collective conscience. We live in a world of duality of light and darkness, of love and fear. This is needed in order for us to develop the awareness of what is right and what is wrong. The learning tool that tries to teach us this is the earth matrix. It operates at a low rate of vibrations as a safety mechanism. The reason for this is to not allow our thoughts to easily manifest into our reality.

We cannot project into higher creations where we could remote influence our reality powerfully until we fully develop the heart intelligence .

This informational construct that co-ordinates all of our realities gives us the notions of fear, greed, separation and the ego.

It gives us the scenarios to experience these ideas in the flesh and we become scarred by them.

This is so we slowly realize that the evolution of mankind cannot be achieved if we continue down these paths.

We learn from this construct through cause an effect. It was designed as a filtering process for higher beings that can be trusted with powerful creational abilities.

Through experiencing negative situations and not wanting to relive them, the desire for change is started.

What happens to the many though is this desire is based on fear.

Focussing on what you are afraid of and trying to find a solution through continuously analyzing it only energizes what you are afraid of more.

Through this process these undesirable situations will manifest into your reality even more quickly.

The reason for this is by concentrating on them you will remain at a low vibratory rate.

Since you are operating at a similar rate as the earth matrix it has more ability to remote influence you with more fear based situations.

Mankind has not yet developed a high degree of awareness of what it truly is and the reasons for its involvement at this level of creation.

We have not developed our conscience and we often look outside ourselves for these answers.

What we have yet to fully realize is that the ability to achieve this is within ourselves.

To become aware that the source that created you is located within you and not in the perceived outside world.

Through reconnecting to your source and to receive its guidance and a high level of intuition is to become a fully awakened being.

Through reconnecting to your higher self the awareness as to what you truly are becomes clear.

This is how to develop a high degree of conscience as you are tapping into the higher intelligence.

The confusion of what is right and what is wrong only exists in low level creations.

This is needed for the learning process and the evolution to become a higher being.

Through our lack of understanding of what is right and what is wrong we create spin off situations.

As we follow this path we encounter more confusion and more complicated situations.

We think the only solution is outside ourselves and we muddy the waters even more as we wander farther from our source.

For mankind to achieve global ascension we need to focus on what we want to see and less on what we are afraid of.

We need to come to the realization that we are all interconnected to each other and to the One.

Global ascension is possible through this notion and reconnecting within ourselves to our higher self and back to our source.

Together we could raise our level of conscience and be gifted the ability to create for ourselves a loving beautiful world.

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